Going Clear Wins Emmys (plural)


The grammar, structure and punctuation placement of this sentence makes interpretation impossible.

Isn't Jason Beghe in the documentary? Aren't they fighting in the same war?

There is a consistent theme in your posts koki.

It appears you don't know how to make sense.

For your convenience, I have posted a definition for you:

It's word clearing time, koki.

da koki speak yoda.

bad can mean bad or bad (ass) to straight the world straight.

Ancient Greek language is

"The predominant word order in Greek is SVO (subject–verb–object), but word order is quite freely variable, with VSO and other orders as frequent alternatives.[SUP][3]"


PS. The actual source, and if you interested in history and how some famous works have influence us, the source of language is an interesting read:

Chapter 6: The Rise and Progress of Language.

This gives the actual truth as opposed to Hubbards BS.

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I'm always pleased to see Koki show up. He/she doesn't post often.

If we don't see Koki, we haven't had a big enough impact yet. But when Koki comes around insulting everyone, it is a guarantee that the cult and its dictator have just suffered a HUGE defeat. :dance2:

Thanks for showing up and confirming this for us, Koki. Otherwise, we'd have no idea we had such a huge impact on the inside.

do not use plural, use singular.... you are biggest threat to Scientology and Captain David Miscavidge! it is you JustSheila!:clap: