Going OT And What It Means

I told you I was trouble

Suspended animation
Thats quite a 'comm lag' you have there Mark, Lol.

You've been saying this for years. Why still so much attention on it?

Mark A. Baker

Dunno Mark, but I expect it's because I'm a 'charged up, low toned, entheta, degraded being' ... with issues.


Why does it bother you so, is it because you believe you are 'clear' and/or 'OT'?



Ordinary Human
"Milieu control involves the control of communication within a group environment, that also may (or may not) result in a significant degree of isolation from surrounding society. When non-group members, or outsiders, are considered or potentially labeled as less valuable without basis for stated group-supported and group-reinforced prejudice, group members may have a tendency to then consider themselves as intellectually superior, which can limit alternate points of view, thus becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy in which group members automatically begin to devalue others and the intellect of others that are separate from their group, without logical rationale for doing so."



You've been saying this for years. Why still so much attention on it?

Mark A. Baker

Geez, a "listing question" AND a good deal of subtle "introverting evaluation" thrown into the mix for good measure.

It couldn't be that there actually AREN'T any Clears or OTs, but that the person who raises the question must have some "problem" or "issue" for having "attention on it", huh?

The promise of "clear" and "OT" are two of the BIGGEST "carrots on a stick" in Scientology, and considering that NOBODY has EVER stably attained anything remotely in alignment with Hubbard's many definitions, claims and statements about these states does say something about Hubbard and Scientology (and it isn'g good).

"Going OT" means a great deal to people who assume and believe that such states as defined by Hubbard exist and can be attained, but to anyone else, "going OT" is quite meaningless.


Squirreling Dervish
The farther one travels on the bridge to nowhere is merely a measure of how long one is prone to stay duped, hornshwoggled and how many discretionary funds they have to piss away. You won't find any clears or OT's where the bridge runs out of pavement but you may find a few who'll say they now "feel better" but I suspect most of them "feel better" mainly because they are now done getting fleeced in their empty quest of attainment of these imaginary states of being and their road to ruin has run out of track. So they are now free from the Church of Scientology as they have no more scams in their cupboards. Game over.