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What is "Going up the pole" where LRH talks about someone who hits the upper levels but is not ready for it?

Have you seen anyone that this happened to and what happened and what were the remedies?


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Read the comments at this link.


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It is not at all unusual, in various practices, for an individual to suddenly feel “Empowered”. At such a time, the being feels absolutely wonder ful. This state has been described by various terms. Some label it “Cosmic Consciousness”, others would call it a “Giant Key-Out”. Still others may describe it as “Going Up The Pole”. It is a big blow-out — a huge win in which the being feels all powerful.

Alan Walter writes about it in his book Gods In Disguise:

"Much, much more is being uncovered as the research into the ascension experience phenomena gains pace. It has been found that when someone is triggered into an ascension experience, vast changes take place spiritually, mentally, in mind shifts, in the body, and in the physical universe.
At the time of the ascension experience, the being has a massive realization of his actual potential. He becomes huge and very, very causative — empowered. He knows he can
succeed at anything, and he gets into action. This is where the booby trap begins."

In his book, Alan goes on to describe the various phases of such an experience. The good news is that it feels wonderful, and that the individual gains a sense of his own power, with a strong sense of immortality. The bad news is that the state is often short-lived, and it may likely bring on an aftermath of negative consequences.

If you have known anyone who had great gains, only to “crash in flames” later, you have observed this phenomenon.

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Auditing can produce a euphoric "high".

So can some drugs. Having a sense of "feeling godlike powers" does not necessarily translate into success in the real world.