Golden Quotes from The Village Voice.


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"...Hubbard wrote some elegant mind viruses.

For example, over years in Scn, the following circular syllogism builds up: If Tech won't go in, Admin must be out.
If Admin won't go in, Ethics must be out. And if, after plenty of duress, Ethics just won't go in ... wait for it ... Tech must be out!

Half of Scientology already exists to explain why the other half doesn't work. By closing the loop, Ron manages to make all of Scientology explain why all of it doesn't work,
and it becomes possible for a human being to believe, for decades, that scientology works 100% of the time, while simultaneously working 0% of the time!

This mind has crashed. Blue screen in only three commands! Hip, hip hooray!..."

Gary 13 hours ago in reply to Kate Bornstein

I don't know who is this Gary person, but he defined it so well.
VV, Tony's reporting and the comments there from a variety of people
are often very educational.

Hence, Golden Quotes from The Village Voice thread.
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