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Good Lord! Now Lindsey Lohan wants to join the cult?


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She is such a rebel I am hoping her BS detector is on high.

Or she could be featured in an event coming up in the next year, hard to tell.


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Narconon is a dangerous program.

I have been reading the comments on this thread and feel that there seems to be a misnomer about the program and it's effectiveness.

Narconon is a dangerous program. People have died or become very ill during detox or the sauna part because of the extreme amounts of vitamins.

As a result of lawsuits and deaths, at least in several of the California Narconons, they have been forced to have some of their patients or students as they call them, attend a licensed medical detox first before coming to their facilities. This is primarily for addictive drugs like Opiates and Benzodiazepines

This medical detox addition, using Narconon friendly doctors supported in part by Narconon. is really another moneymaker for them but it provided a cushion against negligence charges to have appropriate medical oversite and the use of medicine to help 'students' get through their withdrawals safely. For those 'students' deemed too tough to handle, this addition to the 'reg cycle' actually proves that Narconon detox is dangerous/

Narconon's detox program, which former Scientologist and Narconon staff member ( 1974-1976) Jerry Whitfield, Hana Eltringham Whitfield's husband, discussed the dangers of during his trip to the Hamburg, Germany Symposium this past March, cannot be over stated.

In several of the Hamburg videos, Jerry discusses the program and it's dangers- particularly the Narconon detox, which he observed during his time there. Note that until recently in CA, nothing changed on this but the price of the program. Note that there are other Narconons in the USA still putting patients through this terrible process without appropriate medical supervision and assistance - and that it ius just a matter of time as there have been complaints, lawsuits and medical problems-even death.
Here is in Part 1 of 3 Parts of Jerry discussing Narconon I urge all to see all 3 parts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cr_fgEwV3QQ

I have come to know alot about this program and it's use under the Narconon or New Life name over the past several years.

I and other volunteers get complaints and we try to help. Most victims have already lost their life savings or maxed their credit out paying the large fee Narconon charges and by the time we hear from them, they cannot afford an attorney to take their case unless it is a wrongful death case taken on contingency. Besides the issues of staff doing drugs and/or having sex with patients, there are more serious issues concerning denial of appropriate medical care, deceptive trade practices on the reg cyces done over the phone from fake internet rehab referral sites and hotline numbers run exclusively to sell Narconon and the use of unlicensed newly graduated NN students running parts of the programs despite promises of 1:1 and group therapy for dual diagnosed ( mental illness along with drug or alcohal addiction) patients.

I try to help these victims get complaints into Narconon, government agencies and into the media, pressuring them to refund their fee so these victims can take the money and pay for a real rehab for their loved one. It's a sad situation everytime I get an email about a facility. These people are so dismayed at how they were conned and are so grateful for the internet stories that expose the truth, if only that had read of them before they sent their loved one to a Narconon.

Most of the victims see my blog or scribd and contact me, although I do get referrals from various sources. I have ythe contact fill out a questionnaire after I have determined it is a legitimate complaint. I document the internet and phone fraud from these and am collecting a database and file on each Narconon for eventual prosecution by the US government.

But what is so important for you all to know on this thread, if you did not know already, is that people do get ill on the program and some die. The detox / withdrawal part and the sauna and excessive use of Niacin and CalMag has been implicated in multiple complaints. On top of that, you have people being sold Narconon and being told it is not Scientology, not being told the program has a 6-10% success rate, when instead it is being promoted illegally as being 70-80%. The following testimony by a former student and staff Graduate Officer is one of several accounts that discuss this fraud:

The truth about Narconon Trois-Rivières: a testimony by insider David E. Love

There is more to what Narconon is doing but this is the gist of it . I hope I've given something to consider before praising the program or it's componients.
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It is part of the tech that a medical doctor be involved to some extent. I would have to look up the exact conditions. Most orgs would have a "tame" Scio doctor available, who could write a prescription (I assume).


I remember attending the tamed doctor for approval to do the purif, but there was no prescription involved. I do not know the prescription status of Niacin of the time I did the purif, but for me it was rather a waste of time.


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“Lindsay is ready to join Scientology once she gets out of jail,” a source said.

“For months she’s expressed interest in Scientology. Scientology will welcome her. Hopefully she can turn her life around here and realize her enlightenment with Scientology.”

I don't think she's joining the cult.

I think that this "source" is nothing more than a cult propagandist looking for a way to attach the cult to this story in some way.

They are so desperate to promote themselves that they're willing to be publicity parasites.

Just goes to show how desperate they really are.