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“Anonymous” takes CIA website down…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate,

I learned that “Anonymous” took the CIA website down, yes, Anonymous, that group that spreads falsehoods about L.Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology and doesn’t publish that Ron was impostored by a doppelganger. (They also don’t publish that Mosey’s husband is your impostor despite that they have a “situation room” on their forum on him.)
How long will it still take until the CIA recognizes and publishes that Anonymous is a German secret service front group? Anonymous never takes anything German down, don’t they? (If they take something German down now AFTER this posting was made, then it must be considered damage control to make people believe that they are not a German secret service front group.)
I don’t think it needs much hacking skills to bring down the CIA website if the German secret services (SEGNPMSS and others) who spy on ANYONE and ANYTHING provides the hackers with the passwords and firewall details. All it needs is some irresponsible youngsters (or people of Boris Korczak’s age) with a computer who are willingly or unwillingly doing German secret service work. If the CIA does not fight back the German secret services, they don’t help the USA.
The price of freedom for the USA is also to fight back. There is no other price!

Another posting read: “CIA TANGO DOWN: #Anonymous.” Others referenced news story highlighting the alleged takedown. Reports quoted CIA spokeswoman Jennifer Youngblood saying on Friday night, “We are aware of the problems accessing our website, and are working to resolve them.”
And it was not only the CIA. The U.S. state of Alabama came under a hack-attack too, and a website identified by CNN to included Anonymous’ signature tag line said that the action was Anonymous’ response to “Alabama’s recent racist legislation in an attempt to punish immigrants as criminals.”
If hackers “defend” illegal immigrants by hacking, the government will treat them even more as criminals.
In my opinion, the only good thing that this group did was banning Garry Scarff (Smurf) from the Anonymous forums.
I love you, Marty.
Many kisses,
Yours forever

Written by Barbara Schwarz
February 12, 2012 at 6:22 am

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Outpoints in Debbie Cook’s story. (She felt that she was forced to sign the contract but she could have taken the contract and the cash and gone right to the authorities, the very next day. Why didn’t she do it?)

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Dearest Marty, my irresistible soul mate,
What I find odd is that Debbie Cook did not write one word of the alleged abuse in her e-mail to Scientologists. If true what she claims, why did she not tell them? She just talks about abuse, after she was sued by DM for breach of contract.
There was abuse and she did not go to the authorities? Okay, she said that she was held against her will on DM’s orders. Don’t know if this is true but let’s say, it is. After she had left staff and drove to the car rental place, and after she was unified with her husband, she made a trip to NC. Why didn’t she make one to the authorities? The media reported that she said she witnessed following before her trip to NC: kidnapping, forced false confessions, beatings, attacks, no sleep, no real food, somebody was forced to lick a bathroom floor clean after objecting to violence against others, slapping, threat of breaking a finger, water poring over her, being accused of being a lesbian, etc., She claims that much of that happened in DM’s “hole”.
We all know that is not Scientology but German Nazi stuff. DM really asks for it by not just assigning top jobs to infiltrators but also by having people thrown into the hole. Can’t he figure that bad treatment of anyone causes him enemies? Ron wrote so many policies as to how to handle persons, also unethical persons. Bad treatment and antagonizing people is not a part of any of his writings.
Anyway, with all that seen, Debbie just writes a letter to thousands of Scientologists but says no word about the alleged abuse to anyone? She writes no complaint to the authorities to protect allegedly abused Scientologists in the hole and elsewhere? She signs a contract and accepts USD 100.000 hush money instead from DM? What is wrong with that woman?

Let’s say, she signed a contract just to get away from DM, his security guards, and lawyers. Why didn’t she and her husband go to the authorities rights after it happened and turned the contract and the hush money over to them?
If that abuse took place as she said, why did she keep quiet for five years?
Some might think that “critics” or “Independents” swayed me to believe wrongfully that DM is not a good person. That is not true. My main problem with him always was that he accepted SCN from Ron’s impostor and that he doesn’t inform me about your whereabouts and accepted Mosey’s husband, your impostor on your post, Marty. But I didn’t believe the stories of violence for many years. Unless Tommy Davis’ statement to the SP Times, saying that “they” (DM and his supporters) wouldn’t had said anything about Mosey’s husband violent behavior if he wouldn’t had turned on them. That did it for me. How dare them all to degrade Scientology that way and cause a bad reputation, the reputation of violence. That is a reputation that Scientology didn’t have before DM run it.
(Tommy Davis said that others not DM has caused the violence, but as I also said before, he wants to be the boss, he sets the tone, as simple as that. And by treating staff without respect and by giving high posts to infiltrators, DM is getting motivators. Wonder if he ever does OW write ups or if he gets confessionals, probably not. Probably nobody correcting him, and the result is one scandal after the other for Scientology!)

I find both actions revolting. Debbie Cook’s and Wayne Baumgarten’s behavior to take USD 100.000 from the orgs, and DM awarding leaving staff members with lots of Scientology money so that they don’t talk about his incapability to apply SCN correctly.
Back to Debbie Cook and others. As I said before, a person who is unethical or even suppressive inside the orgs is also that way when she changed the “camp” to become an “Independent” (yeah right, surely not independent from her former secret psych case officer) or even attacks not just DM (who is in my opinion anything but a Scientologist) but the religion Scientology and Ron. In other words, one has to look always at the individual person. I know that there are still numerous Scientologists in the orgs who want truly a better world, and not just wanting to have power over others, having lots of money to throw around and creating enemies by not applying the tonescale and other Scientology technology.
And Debbie Cook was crying? Gee, even if the abuse that she claims did happen as she said it did, her life compared to mine is a walk in the park. What a wimp is the former Captain Flag Service Org? Why did assign DM the job of Flag Captain to HER? And C of S made Debbie Cook and Wayne Baumgarten to accept USD 100.000? Good grief, the agony!

I love you, Marty. I wish we could be back together to make all that wrong right.
Yours forever,

Written by Barbara Schwarz
February 10, 2012 at 3:55 am

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From all English speaking countries, it appears that Australia hates Scientology the most. Has that something to do with that England shipped its criminals once to Australia?

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Just asking intelligent questions, as always.
People are born again. So, many of these former English criminals reincarnated right were they died. Explains a lot, particularly that they allow themselves to be used by the worst criminals there are: German psychs, the barbers and butchers from the middle ages and earlier who still are at doing no good.

Dearest Marty, my remarkable Prince, how are you?
News about the case down under against Jan Eastgate are again all over the news. An Aussie TV station called a man who abused his adoptive daughter a Scientologist. Any Scientologists knows that Scientology as of the real founder is anti-abuse. That means, if that man has abused his daughter, he is NOT a Scientologist.
If any infiltrator is a Scientologist, is then any illegal alien who sets a foot in a certain country automatic a citizen of this country? Exactly. Actually, some illegal aliens might be more Americans or Australians (if they are down under) than an abusive person being a Scientologist. No abusive and unethical person has understood Scientology, it doesn’t matter how long he hangs out in Scientology orgs.
I have not made my mind up about the case against Jan Eastgate. Kind of odd is that Jan’s name appears to be Meyer and not Eastgate. The Aussie court calls her Meyer. Does that mean that she does not use her correct name in Scientology? And why is that?
I read numerous CCHR publications, and CCHR is not wrong about psychiatry. It really doesn’t need a rocket scientist to figure out that there is just one movement on the planet that uses the Aussies to prosecute one of their own, Australian Jan Eastgate/Meyer. What is better to discredit CCHR by having its chairwoman accused or convicted of criminal behavior? I do believe that Jan Eastgate meant to protect the child from p$ychs who are also known as child abusers. However, what I don’t know yet is, if she indeed violated a law and if she indeed was thinking that this criminal abusive step father was a Scientologist and no infiltrator. In any case, it is a p$ych set up. The target is CCHR. The people who set it up are psychs: they either did it by fabricating a case against Jan Eastgate/Meyer or by promoting somebody who has done something against the law on the post of the CCHR chairman to ruin CCHRs reputation.
Once again, because that is so important: while CCHR did a good job documenting some of the abuses by p$ychs, e.g. how dangerous psychiatric drugs and other psychiatric treatments are, it completely failed to document how p$ychs (their international non-Scientologist agents) infiltrated the orgs. There are numerous cases, in which CCHR failed to document that p$ychs implanted a person online or entered the orgs to take over, cause harm, attack or commit “suicide”. This is the condition of treason against Scientologists.
Despite that I know that David Miscavige wishes me to disappear from the surface of the Earth, I have to say this again: it has to do very much so with him as well. He wants to be the leader of Scientology. Then he has to act accordingly. His order to INVESTIGATE p$ych influence and activities INSIDE OF THE ORGS, could have resulted in CCHR investigating and p$ychs thinking twice before setting up another attack or scandal against Scientology and CCHR.

Ron said, that the price of freedom is the willingness to fight back. Neither the orgs nor CCHR under DM are willing to fight back the secret psych infiltration. That is why they don’t stay free of them.
I know that you understand. I wish anyone would as bright as you are, Marty.
Miss you a lot.
Many kisses.
Yours forever,

Written by Barbara Schwarz
February 8, 2012 at 10:14 am

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According to Wikipiggy, George Armstrong Custer had German roots… (American Indians, go get the Germans!)

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince,
I saw recently a couple of historic movies about how the West “was won”. I am fascinated by the story of the west. In the Munich org, I told a staff member that I was watching a TV series on Saturday about a pioneer track that made its way from the East of the US to the West of the US.
She said that she finds it boring, and then I knew that it wasn’t her but my timetrack. Boring?! It was anything but. It was going where nobody had gone before. You never knew what crossed your way, it was compared with today going into deep space. It was most exciting, and I know we made it in one piece and that we did built our underwater village afterwards. I recall that I wanted a playhouse, a theater, in Utah! I remember the long dresses of mine and bonnets, how it feels on a wagon over the Rockies and that one careless move could be the end of that wagon, but I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I was happy because we were together and despite a woman, I was really adventurous. It felt also good leaving the Germans behind, although, something told me that it wouldn’t last and that they would come after us again. But we enjoyed it while the German-free period lasted!
I’m pretty sure that most people who came with us from Europe were Jewish, already back then persecuted by the medical German lunatics, just like we were. Guess many of the Jews were later converted to be Mormons (who came later) by being told that they can have many women and still go to heaven. The Mormon temple in SLC still has the Jewish Star of David in one of their windows.
I found a letter in the Salt Lake Historical Society by a researcher. He asked Utah governor Norman Howard Bangerter (a Mormon) for a grant to document that Jews were the first settlers of Utah and not the Mormons. The governor declined that request with the words that one book that was written about that subject would be enough. Hush! Hush!
You and I know how it feels to drive on a covered wagon all over the west and making friends with Indians before the SEGNPMSS followed us again and provoked and caused Indians and other races killing each other. I recalled being on a wagon track from the East towards Utah so early in time, that we could be considered native Americans! It was much earlier than 1761, the official year of the earliest regularly printed newspaper in the USA. The reason why there is no info about our village under water is maybe also due to the fact that it was built so early.
Constantly, we were leaving Europe, and the Germans think that kidnapping us will change our urge to go back there where I belong, into the wild west. When will they get it that they will not win against us and leave us the heck alone?
Love you bunches, my hero. You always were a hero and so handsome, also as a pioneer.
Yours forever,

Where the Germans are involved, people rather sooner than later complain!
(That famous day in history)
(The men of the 7th Cavalry went riding on)
(And from the rear a voice was heard)
(A brave young man with a trembling word rang loud and clear)
What am I doin’ here?
Please Mr. Custer, I don’t wanna go
Hey, Mr. Custer, please don’t make me go
I had a dream last night about the comin’ fight
Somebody yelled “Attack!”
And there I stood with an arrow in my back.
Please Mr. Custer, I don’t wanna go
(Forward, HO-O-O-O-O!) Oooohhhh
Look at them bushes out there, they’re movin’
And there’s a injun behind every one
Hey, Mr. Custer, you mind if I be excused the rest of the afternoon?
(Sound of arrow whizzing by)
Hmm, you’re a little bit late on that one, Charlie
Whooh, I bet that smarts!
(They were sure of victory)
(The men of the 7th Cavalry, as they rode on)
(But then from the rear a voice was heard)
(That same brave voice with the trembling word rang loud and clear)
What am I doin’ here?
Please Mr. Custer, I don’t wanna go
Listen, Mr. Custer, please don’t make me go
There’s a redskin waitin’ out there, just fixin to take my hair
A coward I’ve been called, cuz I don’t wanna wind up dead or bald
Please Mr. Custer, I don’t wanna go
(Forward, HO-O-O-O-O!) Oooohhhh
I wonder what the injun word for friend is
Let’s see….friend…..kemo sabe, that’s it
(Sound of arrow whizzing by)
No, that itn’t it
Look at ‘em out there
Runnin’ around like a bunch of wild Indians, heh-heh
Nah, this ain’t no time for jokin’
(Sound of arrows whizzing by)

Written by Barbara Schwarz
February 6, 2012 at 1:38 pm

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Anonymous never intercepts German secret communications only US/UK communications… What’s up with that?

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Dearest Marty, my remarkable Prince,
I read some recent articles about the group Anonymous who seems getting bored with Scientology as the messages on the message board on Scientology is shrinking a lot. These are the guys who swore never to forgive and forget. Well, maybe their eternity last just a few years. The media says that a recent trans-Atlantic call between the FBI and the UK’s Scotland Yard in which operatives from the two law enforcement agencies discussed ongoing cases regarding a number of alleged hackers was intercepted and recorded by Anonymous hackers.
Anonymous describes itself as an “internet gathering”. Yes, they are on the net like just about anyone else but what I find rather suspicious is that they don’t hack into German secret service or German secret police business and just in US or UK business . Well, I answered that question: the loose Internet group Anonymous isn’t that loose but run by German secret services. I bet a Billion Dollars on it. (If I would have them.)
They should hack the most secret communication in the world, the SEGNPMSS communication, which they don’t because the SEGNPMSS case officer of each Anonymous hacker and “activist” doesn’t allow it. Anonymous think that they are the wolves but they are sheep being used by the German SEGNPMSS wolves.
I know that you figured them out too, Marty.
Many passionate and tender kisses. I love you more than a love song, Baby.
Yours forever

Written by Barbara Schwarz
February 5, 2012 at 8:01 am

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If Debbie Cook and Wayne Baumgarten are real Scientologists, why did they take USD 100.000 hush money in the first place?

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Dearest Marty, my brilliant prince and husband, how are you?
The Debbie Cook story is in the international headlines about Scientology. Debbie is portrayed as a former high Scientology executive who says that Scientology is working and a fine religion but thinks that Scientology is with David Miscavige in the wrong hands. She is not alone thinking this but I wonder why she left the Sea Org. She signed a Sea Org contract for a Billion years. Yes, I know, due to its length it is not enforceable under the law, and basically, as far as Ron is concerned, it never should be enforced because what good can a person do for the SO purpose by being forced to do it?
I always saw the Sea Org Contract (yes, I signed one too) as spiritual agreement to transform not just this planet but also the rest of the universe in a sane place in which anyone can be proud and in which any good being is safe, free, and able, and that I never stop working until the goal is reached. I also think that in view of real SPs as German secret service psychs (driven by HAVING TO CONTROL about anyone), the best to reach this goal is through strong and ethical religious organisations that cannot be buried like some unorganized individuals.
With the unorganized people and no on-policy organisations, there might be nothing left after some years or decades (or when they die) and as people like to alter things all the time, such movements have ALTERATION from source written all over them.
The problem with the religious organization is that SPs sneak in off-policies and even agents and impostors at the top and push the altered or off-policy material down the lines, which means that the organisation might survive but not the original religion.
I don’t know why Debbie Cook and her husband left. Usually, real Sea Org members don’t leave unless they are sick or too old to work. (An ideal Sea Org is build after the policies for environmentally safe living for Scientologists by the real founder L. Ron Hubbard and nobody would get sick or age in them, and I know that Ron said it is not just possible but very important for numerous reasons. One reason is that dying is not a good idea with psych implant station still in place that are specialized to undo Clears and OTs.)
So, why did Debbie and Wayne leave? I read the letter that Debbie wrote to address Scientologists. In a nutshell, she thinks that DM wants the orgs to make money and doesn’t invest enough for dissemination. I think that even if he would invest a lot more money in dissemination, thanks to the application of Jack Vistaril’s version of Scientology and the many scandals on and around the top, effective dissemination is really hard at the moment. It seems that people come and leave, and that many never become Scientologists or never understand the basics. (Paul Haggis for example never read the first book in Scientology, the DMSMH!) They just break away at a point and cause new scandals. If original Dianetics and Scientology would be applied and if not infiltrators but real Scientologists would be on executive posts, nobody would break away. People would stand in line to be able to live and work in Ron’s villages and be able to apply ALL of original Scientology and Dianetics and not just altered fractions of it.
Whatever the reason was for Debbie and Wayne to end their Sea Org contract, Sea Org members are not supposed to leave. And they were awarded USD 100.000 to leave Sea Org for which they already had a contract! That really does not sound like Scientology at all. And what are the odds that one who doesn’t honor the Sea Org Contract will not honor other contracts as well?
According to the hard legal language of the contract, they don’t seem just on a leave from the SO. And here is my critic on Debbie and Wayne. If they noticed anything that was not done right in the orgs and not per the policy and bulletins of the founder in Scientology, why did they take cash from the C of S? Yes, I know there is that instruction that when money is offered to you for illegal stuff, you are allowed to take it but you have to blow the whistle on it. But with a LEGAL CONTRACT that they SIGNED and that amount of money that they took, it is a different thing. Debbie and her husband agreed to be gagged, otherwise they would not have signed that contract.
If it is really so important for the survival of Scientology what Debbie and Wayne saw and know, why did they sign a contract and took money that jeopardizes their right to speak out and blow any whistle?
That is one reason why I am suspicious of Debbie and Wayne. Scientologists have the technology and skills to make it in the non-Scientology world. Most people who I know who once were on staff started businesses and do pretty well. In other words, Debbie and Wayne didn’t need the money to start over. They had all the training a person might need to get ahead. So, why did they take the money and signed a contract that gagged them to speak out when they thought that what they had to say was so important for Scientologists all over the world to know?
How long did they kept quiet? They still cannot speak out, can they? A judge has to decide that now despite that Debbie thinks that it is so important for Scientologists to know what she knows. So, for USD 100.000, she and her sold the future of SCN away? If they would be truly ethical persons and real Scientologists, they would have said: “Keep the cash because the following is off-policy or not within the law, and I won’t be gagged by any amount of cash. I speak out. Good day!”
I don’t believe that I ever met Debbie or her husband, but I doubt very much that they are Scientologists in the sense of the real founder of Scientology. The way they act is not how ethical Scientologists acts.
No infiltrator is really on the bridge to freedom.
But you are a real Scientologist, Marty. And you are not to be bribed. Neither I am. Honor is what counts.
That is why I love you endlessly.
Yours forever,

Written by Barbara Schwarz
February 3, 2012 at 5:56 am

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Just came home…

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince,
I just came home from a day on the road. Trip was nice actually, felt like spring in February.
Wish I would know your whereabouts.
The Washington Post published an article about Bigamist Jeffs, president of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and the KKK, and they threw Scientology in that article too despite there is no connection to the KKK or to Jeffs. But it shows what kind of bad reputation our religion Scientology has, not caused by the founder or real Scientologists but by former and current infiltrators of Scientology. I wonder if DM hired a PR firm for himself and the orgs. If yes, I doubt that there will be huge progress if the scandals never end.
And there is also Tony Ortega again who writes about Scientology nearly every day without having checked that the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard and you were replaced by impostors. Tony cited five judges from 1965 until present time (who had negative opinions of Scientology, or better what non-Scientologists and infiltrators turned Scientology into). Wonder if it makes him feel better that these judges didn’t get either that Scientology is infiltrated by non-Scientologists and that the founder was impostored by “Jack Vistaril”. Well, that isn’t much of a surprise because justice says about justice that it is blind. But reporters are supposed to SEE. But Tony Ortega doesn’t see what is really wrong.
Anyway, I still have some things to do tonight.
I think of you, my darling, and kiss you many times.
I love you.
Yours forever,

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Bitter defrocked apostate
Dear Marty,

If Babbles Schwarz started telling people I was her 'irresistible soul mate' or 'awesome prince' I'd be applying for a restraining order. You must be an incredibly tolerant person. It seems you even forgive her the harm she does to Scientology, as a walking talking embodiment of the madness that Hubbard's pseudoreligion engenders in some people.

Funny to think that of all the maybe 20,000 Hubbard apologists that still remain, Babbles loves you the most. Whereas the majority are being taught that you are a lunatic, a criminal and a squirrel, and most of the remainder suspect that your motives are far from pure... Babbles loves you unconditionally.

Just think of all the things that you will be able to achieve, with the love and support of a wonderful lady like Babbles Schwarz. (That's right: you'll achieve absolutely nothing. But I'm sure you'll do that nothing in a very 'theta' way.)

Love and hugs (but no cash),