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Mike Rinder visited the Hamburg Morgue - no one there - poor 64 year old woman has spent 24 years and is a mess. Poor thing! I hope it closes soon! They cannot even afford trash pick up or maybe that is the new delivered e-meters they were forced to buy to have on hand in the idle book store??? Co$ is running out of money so they ship them in trash bags - cheaper. the e-meters don't work anyway so it is okay if they get damaged - no one will notice as they look for those three swinging F/N's...:wink2:

[h=1]Hannover Org — Not Too Inviting… and No Straight Up And Vertical In Sight[/h] April 25, 2013 By Mike Rinder 2 Comments

Here is a new report just received from someone who visited Hannover "org." Maybe the massive international expansion is also bypassing Hannover? The main question that springs to mind after reading this that I would love to ask David Miscavige — "I know you haven't a clue about the Great Middle Path, but have you ever heard of gradients?" Something between an empty craphole like this and an empty palace like Berllin would probably work out better for everyone. I know you don't like suggestions from me Dave, but I offer one anyway. Mike Rinder
Here is my encounter with the oh-so-important Hannover Org, Germany. This cabinet of dilettanti would be entertaining if it wasn’t reality for the people who put their trust in this path and are now stuck, yet still keep wasting their energy on it in hope for a better future that will never come.
The Hannover Org is just five minutes by foot from central station. It’s not in the red-light district, but up to a few years ago, there had been a burlesque-transvestite bar across the street, where also weekly sado-maso meet-ups took place. Not a good neighbourhood.
Once you found the place and entered its vestibule you had to withstand an olfactory onslaught of urine. Not to be deterred, we shuffled my suitcase up the stairs and contemplated the shabby yellow paper sign.
We did as asked – “Bitte klingeln. Danke.” means: “Please ring the bell. Thank you.”
A lady in a worn sweater of the most horrid shade of pistachio opened the door and mustered us full of suspicion. I recited my little speech on how we wanted to know what Scientology is actually about, so we thought we’d just pay a visit. Obviously confused by my luggage, she asked us in and pulled herself together to greet us politely and ask all sorts of questions as to which city I lived in, where I had been and what I had been doing there. Most of them I answered truthfully.

Everything was glutted with Scientology merchandise. As far as I could see there was the reception area, a course room, a hallway and the bureau. Oh, not to forget, the Hubbard shrine. All in all not even 100sqm², but there might be more space than visible.
There were only two more individuals: one male colleague, who split his time between smoking outside and sitting behind the reception desk, looking grumpy. Later a female colleague entered and disappeared in the bureau, so I could catch a glimpse of a poster showing the shiny knight on his white horse beside the expansion-meter for Germany coloured with green marker at 15%. Neither of them greeted us nor each other and both avoided eye-contact.
We were seated uncomfortably in the hallway. After the interrogation-style conversation about my existing knowledge of Scientology, we were force-fed an LRH biography. She used her best TR0-gone-wrong on us. Once she had started talking, there was no end to it, till I wondered whether the new strategy of bypassing communication with videos didn’t have its advantages.
I had to be really assertive to make her explain the generalized statements of “the tech is wonderful and works for everything”. She finally produced the course book on communication and talked us through it. We would have also talked about The Bridge, but she constantly lost her focus, so we basically just chatted instead. Standing in front of the chart I peeked inside the course room, which was empty and she quickly closed the door.
I asked her about the purification rundown and she shared her experience of how the combination of sauna and 300 mg dosages of niacin had caused her old sunburns to “emerge”. I kept on smiling politely and nodded, instead of discussing the common side effects of high doses of niacin or recommending the no-flush products by AOR as I didn’t want to question her success.
She had difficulties responding to any specific question beyond a rigorous yes or no. I tried: Does your personality change as you move up the bridge? YES! How does it change you? It helps. How does the tech help handle tensions between staff (she previously had told us about these)? We apply the tech. Is just sitting there with your eyes closed a bit like Zen meditation? NO! Afterwards she said she didn’t know what a Zen meditation is, but it was clear that this was of no importance to her. She constantly cut me off, till I joked about how she was using the tech too well she had shown us in the study materials on communication.
Since I am interested, it would have been nice if someone competent had actually answered my questions.
Her lack of boundaries made her stand and sit way too close to me, which made me uncomfortable. There was something strange about her, as if she no longer had an aura. She embodied everything I wouldn't want "the tech" to do to me.
Then she desperately wanted to know what my occupation was and asked me two more times, when I dodged her questions. During our conversation she repeatedly and exclusively referred to the world as “outside”.
What struck me was how much information she gave us, totally uncalled for. I now know all kinds of things, such as: her love of Renoir prints, the freezone’s supposedly inferior auditing, that staff shrinked from 40 to 11 during her time there, Hamburg’s visitor stats, where she works to earn her living since payment for the hours in the org doesn’t really exist (tough she was very vague on that, probably as vague as the payment), the state of her health and how it deteriorates if she doesn’t swim regularly, the Easter holiday fights with her sister and so on and so forth.
We spent almost two hours there and I don’t want to relay everything that was being said, but I left with the impression that she was unhappy with the current situation at the org and frustrated by her own progress, which is perfectly understandable. She has been practicing Scientology for 24 years now and is a Grade II. At the age of 64. She cannot advance any further, because they lack qualified auditors. They allegedly sent staff to Copenhagen, to be trained to audit the higher Grades. She blossomed for a moment, when she talked about her early days with Scientology and how she first got involved in the church.
It remained unclear how you could actually enrol in a course or who to contact to receive auditing. She never tried to sell us anything – I can only speculate on why that might be – but gave us the DVDs, so we would “have the mass”. When I tried to run them, my computer went kind of weird and rattled like there was a hamster inside, I feared it was going to crash. Probably Black Dianetics? Now I use them to hunt mosquitoes. Their cases are especially well suited to that, so I left with a win!


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That'd be Hanover/Hannover (both spellings are acceptable) rather than Hamburg, right?

If you've been audited there, you get to call it Hangover.

It's really great to hear news of the cult's continued decline. The description is actually very close to what I would consider to be an Ideal condition for an org, which is for it to be abandoned entirely. Thank you!