Hana Whitfield on the cruel and depraved Hubbard in the sixties





I am horrified.

I knew nothing about the abortions on the ship, though it dosen't surprise me.It sickens me.Hubbard was a very cruel man.

I also knew nothing of Hubbards affairs, though again, it does not surprise me.
I already have a theory about one of those affairs, but I need to speak to someone first, before I divulge any info.My Father always said, he didn't understand why Hubbard put so many women in positions of power, maybe sex was an ulterior motive.

I am horried by the deaths of babies at Flag, I wasn't there so I cannot corroborate this. There are people out there somewhere that can though and if they have any self respect,then they should do so.

With regards the death of Susan Meister, I wasn't there then, but it has bothered me a lot since I first read about it. In view of what I do know and how life was on the Apollo, it did not surprise me to hear Hana say it was a cover up. What I want to know is why it was covered up? Until I know for certain, I can only draw my own conclusions. Murder springs to mind.

There are far too many unanswered questions.

I'm sorry I can't be more helpful about these statements from Hana.I have every reason to believe what she says is true though.

Here's what Hana says regarding Susan Meister:

186. Another crew member who committed suicide was Susan Meister. I was on board the "Apollo" in mid-1971 when she allegedly shot herself. The ship was in Moroccan waters. Hubbard was aboard.

187. Susan was on board about six months. She was "PTS" - her family was upset because the ship's location was confidential and they did not know where she was.

188. In mid 1971, in my office on A Deck, I heard a strange, sharp sound. It was traced to the aft bridge cabins where the senior Ship's Officers berthed, and specifically to that of Chief Officer Amos Jessup. Susan was found, shot, lying on the bunk in Amos' cabin. I helped Mary Sue Hubbard, who was in charge of the GO, to investigate the death. Mary Sue checked the aft bridge cabin where Susan died. I checked Susan's bunk below decks and her possessions, but found nothing amiss. Mary Sue had already removed Susan's letters, note books and other personal effects. I arranged for someone to send Susan's clothes to her family. We interviewed Amos Jessup, who was visibly upset and shaking on and off. He blamed himself, as Susan wanted a committed relation-ship and he didn't. Susan was in the cabin alone after he went to work. He didn't see her alive again. He had no idea she was suicidal.

189. We interviewed a deck hand who was working on A deck port side, aft of the bridge cabin, when the shot occurred. He reported the sound and located Amos. We interviewed Susan's superior, the ship's medical officer and several other people. They all said Susan was emotionally unstable. Mary Sue wrote a report for the Moroccan police.