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Handling Phone Calls


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Exactly, that is the way to go. Being polite and truly having the desire to get those tangled minds untangled! That's how they got me out and that is what I've done to get a least three people out.
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Handling phone calls this way or writing letters or sending postcards with the information,such as the links that Alanso provided, is also a good idea.

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I would love it if they would call me!

But they never call, and they never write any more.

Boo hoo.

I don't get calls anymore either. If I did, I would try what a friend of mine tried. She told them she thought David Miscavige was a criminal and needed to go to Ethics and the SO member replied "You make me want to throw up!" to which she replied "Then don't CALL ME anymore!!" End of story.

Isn't that great?


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whats that number again for helping Sea Org members blow?


I think that would be good information to give to people who call.

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Oh - I got the "tech" to stop all phone calls, e-mails and mail - Read them OTIII - have it handy by your phone so you can say something like -

Heh, I got this information regarding a Church and wanted to see what you thought...

Then read it to them!!

If you get unwanted e-mails - copy and paste and send back.

If you get unwanted mail - copy, paste and print and mail it back in their self-addressed envelopes!!

That should handle the suppression (counter intention to your survival) from the church of Scientology!!

It takes little effort and is very effective in getting rid of those nasty pesty Scilions!!