Happy Birthday Anonymous


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This month is the two year anniversary of Anonymous protests! :happydance:

Happy Birthday Anonymous!

I remember the excitement of watching the reports of protests as they spread around the globe, that day, two years ago.

Reading Emma's account of driving down to the Melbourne protest, then going off to my local protest. Meeting anonymous who were amazed, that me, an ex, was there protesting. And me, amazed that these idealistic young people were protesting against the cult! It was a wonderful meeting of two totally different experiences of scientology.

Back home with a tear in my eyes that at last something was being done about public awareness of the evil cult! :thumbsup:

Watching the internet reports of anon protests as they spread across the USA, later that day.

What a day!

What a fantastic two years!

Thanks Anonymous! :grouphug:

I was talking to someone a few days ago and said that I thought the power of Anonymous was that they were in fact the CofS's "SPs"!

Unlike us, who were indocrinated in the evil of SP's, these guys don't give a hoot about being "suppressive". "We are your SPs" the first video proudly declared. Because of this they canot be controlled or manipulated by the cult.

Hooray for SPs!!! :dance2: I dance joyfully with you over the dying cult.
Nice Memory, Lionheart!

Happy Birthday, Anons! :happydance:

Wow, it's been pretty interesting so far, what can we expect from them during their "terrible twos"? :thumbsup: Party on, dudes!

(Hey, we got a picketing smilie!)
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Anonymous changed my life, that's for sure. I also shed tears with those first protests....seeing hundreds and hundreds of people out there saying 'this is not right" was and is a fabulous thing. I love it that there is such FUN associated with the picketing.

Happy Birthday! :happydance: