Has Katie Holmes Had Enough Of Scientology?


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I came across an article entitled: "Has US Actress Katie Holmes Had Enough Of Scientology?" which claimed that Katie has decided to scale down her public involvement in Scientology. It's located here:

I decided not to post it because it uses as sources for the story "close pals" to Katie.
And I figured it was bullshit. And I still feel that way.

I did come across a second story though on a different site:

Again, no named sources. So nothing reliable. :no:
I decided to post the links to the story though as I figure that there is a slim chance that these stories are for real and Katie is intentionally leaking these stories to send a message.

Here is an excerpt from the second story:

Her husband Tom was said to have insisted that she used his driver when running her day-to-day errands.
But Katie Holmes is said to have put her foot down and wants to not only regain her independence but also have a more normal life.
The actress, 32, stepped out today in Los Angeles today looking like the girl next door in casual jeans and a jumper and was seen driving her Mini as she ran errands around Beverly Hills.

As well as driving herself Katie is also said to have scaled back her involvement in Scientology.
A source told Heat magazine: 'She is so tired of being a punchline in a joke and has told Tom she's scaling back her public involvement.'
They added: 'She wants independence. Tom used to insist that she use his driver before but now she has her own car. And she's making more trips without Tom like to Milan Fashion Week.
While Katie has been busy asserting her independence she is also gearing up to overhaul her image.

Katie, if there's any truth to these stories we've got a seat reserved for you on ESMB! :yes:

It gets a little crazy here at times but if you can handle being with TC for 5 years I'm confident you can handle it. :biggrin:

(Oh shit, now DM may send some Squirrel Busters after me for insulting his man) :omg:
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How short is he anyway?:omg:
It's pretty obvious he's standing on his tippy toes in the elevator shoes he has on in this picture


He has a pair of these on



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Most of the "celebrity rich and famous" have become deluded
concerning their importance in the universe. What's the big deal
about adding another delusion (Co$) to their fantacies.
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How short is he anyway?:omg:

As it's said:

"Big things come in small packages"

But then maybe not....

Some lyrics from a song.....

"Don't want no short dick man......
Eeenie weeny teeny weeny
Shriveled little short dick man
Don't want, Don't want, Don't want,.......
What in the world is that thing?
Do you need some tweezers to put that thing away
That has got to be the smallest dick
I've ever seen in my whole life......"

I loved that mix in my old gay club days.....

For the not so faint hearted......


Was that song written for TC...I wonder....
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I think her only chance of getting out of the cult is either by waking up herself and divorcing TC or one of her close family/friends that are not in the cult doing an intervention. I wish her mom and dad (who I am sure have been inundated with PR literature, videos, briefings, BS galore) would take her away on a private weekend and show her the truth, pull out Jeff Hawkins' book, look at ESMB or other sites (even Marty's if that's what does the trick) and get her to wake up. It is a waking up, a last straw, finally putting all the pieces together. But all she is shown is the PR so I am sure she is unaware of the abuses and thinks it's all lies, as that's what she is told.


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As much as I wish Katie would leave CoS, I don't think the articles are real. Just the driving comment alone is obviously false. Think about all the pictures posted of Katie in the last few years, usually it's her driving or getting in/out of her blue Mercedes. Now she has a mini. Katie has always driven herself around town. It seems like maybe she uses a driver more in places like NY where she maybe doesn't have a permanent car, but in LA she is always photographed driving herself places.

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Oh, celebs - just like everybody else - sooner or later have had all they can stand and move on from scn.

Most always, it takes longer than we wished for them, but, hey, getting out counts - no matter when!