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Has Scio expanded?


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Alan, if memory serves me right, I believe you are referring to the June Lake / John Goth era around 1973.

In 1975 there were 3 or 4 sups, a couple auditors, a couple of C/Ses, and maybe about seven or eight people in Qual - Mike Smith was the Qual Sec - the academy was really full.

That's my memory as dim as it is. :duh:

There were easily 100 admin staff though - tech - admin ratio being way out of kilter.

It may have been earlier - I had 4 Missions in that general area...Columbus, Cincinnatti, Toledo, Ohio and Birmingham, Michigan. I was looking for a good Org to send my students and staff to for Class IV level training.

Barry may have just taken over, he had just finished the FEBC. June Lake was not there.

I knew June well as I had sponsored and got her to emigrate from Geelong, Australia in 1967, to work in St Louis when I owned it. Back then we had as many as 800 students on course and was delivering around 5-600 hours auditing weekly.



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Usually the Flag Rep (Management Rep) sends those reports to Flag and Continental management

Haha Giuseppe closes the joke, Giuseppe was OFO and would place papers into file cabinet and then forget about them!

OFO means to Org Flag Officer, each org had one, even the CLOs, and they were a PR firm dedicated to keeping the staff thinking that they were important.

They can I picture it say: "OOOOHHH, a letter from FLAG! Directed to ME? Well, I just sent them a report on the wingspeed of the unburdened african swallow, and now I am getting an ack from FLAG! I am sooo special I am loved! :whocares: "

There were two or three OFOs for FOLO WUS nee CLOWUS, paper generated put whole rainforests out of business. Thank god Giuseppe wasn't OFO for CLOWUS, Beth Brown did that, and she sure looked exausted!

Giuseppe rolls eyes when those more papers came in! Nothing happened to them! They sit in the files at FB, for six months then go off to archives, probably some shredding bin in the sky, who knows. Those papers were the most useless crap mundane day-to-day operations shit papers.

Giuseppe hacked bigwp and developed macros to answer them. Giuseppe invented auto-ack spam when Giuseppe was in the OFO office.:spam:

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Really! FCDC sounds like a little old ladies sewing circle!

Gawd, I'd be embarassed. And the thing is, 95% of those names were ther in the 80's. Obviously no expansion.

What a snooze......:melodramatic:

When I first arrived there from LA I perceived the tone level to be conservatism, which probably matches the tone level of the area in general.


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How funny Guiseppe - I was the first ever official OFO on the goodship Lollipop -oops Apollo.

Wow that brings back memories - the post was gotten rid off as it was considered a waste of a resource (me) LOL.

Too funny - they actually do have OFOs now.