Hasting in the UK


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While it is understood that you as a scientologist do not have a problem with drugs, we know for sure that from a 3D and 4D view point, you will most probably have encountered this problem around you directly or indirectly. So, we would like you to have this information in case you have a friend, a neighbour or a family member in need of Narconon but perhaps unable to finance it.
I encourage you to read this and I hope it will help you to help somebody else.
This planet is dying on drugs and it is our responsibility to do something about it and fast.
Thank you.
In the last months we have been receiving many letters from you expressing that you would like to do the Narconon Programme but that you are restricted by finance.
As you probably know per our news letters, some times here at Narconon Hastings we have been helping families to raise money for their relatives to do the programme when they did not have the funds and needed to get off drugs immediately. On some occasions we have been successful in helping and on some occasions we have even made an effort to get the programme sponsored as the situation has become extremely difficult for the family. We really would do more if we could and we are still developing ways to achieve that.
It has become obvious to us that this is a problem . We want to help to resolve this problem. So, as I mentioned we started to develop ways and did some research. We want to share some of these ideas with you so that you can do it too directly from your home. You can also ask friends to help you.
On way you can raise money is through a website called justgiving.com. It allows you to create your own webpage to fundraise and receive donations to support your cause.
It’s very easy even for the not so savvy computer user, so all you have to do is simply click on the link below:
Your target should be £13,800 which will fund the cost of your residential programme at Narconon Hastings. Details of our full programme can be found on our website www.drugrehab.co.uk
The money you raise through your fundraising page will go straight to Narconon and will be used to fund your programme.
As Narconon Hastings is a registered charity you can get sponsorship not only from your friends but maybe from companies and they will receive an invoice.
Gifts of money made to a charity by a company should be paid gross before tax is deducted. These donations are deductable from the total profits of your business when calculating Corporation Tax.
Gift Aid is an easy way to help charities get extra money from your donations. Your Gift Aid donation is treated as if it has had basic rate income tax deducted from it, and charities can reclaim that tax from HMRC.
Relief for higher rate taxpayers. If you pay tax at the higher rate, you can claim back the difference between the higher rate of tax at 40% and the basic rate of 20% on the total value of the donation.
Alison Withey
[email protected]
Narconon London, Hastings Residential Training Centre
Tel. 01424 420 036​

More grab for $


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That was sent out centre-aligned like that? I had to hit Quote so I could remove the "Center" tags to be willing to read it.



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£13,800?! Why not just go to an org and do the bloody purif, tr&objs for £900!
Where on earth did they get that figure from?!


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£13,800?! Why not just go to an org and do the bloody purif, tr&objs for £900!
Where on earth did they get that figure from?!

Orgs aren't equipped to handle active druggies. The figure probably comes from what vaguely "comparable" organizations charge, i.e. as much as the market will bear.



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If you total up the cost of Therapeutic TRs, TRs and Objectives, Purif, Learning How To Learn, Ups and Downs, Personal Integrity, Changing Conditions in Life and TWTH courses plus some extra for a Withdraw you'd have the full Narconon program.

Narconon has to pay wages so it has to make that money from somewhere, especially as 10% of everything gets sliced off even fund-raisers for "management."

Now the packs plus your own hardcopy TWTH totals $900 in Oz, and guess where the royalties go?

And when you only have a few governments willing to give it any financial support then you have to have high prices to keep it going.

And you have to have staff willing to do a LOT of unpaid overtime.

Hastings is really the last bastion of Narconon in "Europe" so they push it heavily - the D/ED NN Int was in a recent picture helping take their students to St Hill. They have this huge building that they purchased that will probably never be filled and they have countries like Russia, Germany and France that are chasing it out of their domains.

Poor them.

Even more of a shame for the people who part with their hard-earned because of the PR stats (75% success rate etc etc) and their child/spouse/themselves are one of the "minority" that it doesn't work for (but we know they are actually part of the sizeable majority who don't get off and stay off drugs after the NN program.)

But the truth is getting out there and these places are slowly dying a natural death, despite everything else.


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I find it pretty bizarre that both the DRDs have been removed from the Narconon program. That looks to me to be a complete sabotage of the program. It does not address the reasons they are on drugs. But what else is new? :eyeroll:

Must be the "golden" version of the program.


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They had to pull out anything that needed a meter as the meter is a "religious artifact" so can't be used in a secular establishment.:whistling:

The fact that it lessens the workability of the program is a small cost to pay when you consider the implications of being proven to be a cult front.:yes:

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Scientology and its groups HAVE IT ALL WRONG

For some reason Scio believes that donations are the way to survive.:duh:
Donate for this donate for that.

You want to know why Scio needs these donations?


If it had value and created the results there would be such an influx of people, donations would not be necessary.
If they TRUELY cared about there members they would have tens of thousands of more active Scio's

In your own words "DELIVER" When money is tight "DELIVER, PRODUCE"

That becomes really hard though when there is nothing of lasting value to actually produce.

So please donate to your local church and lets reward, out tech, fraud, and human rights abuses.