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As you're probably aware, Anonymous is launching Operation Reconnect with a worldwide protest at Scientology centers on April 12th. The operation aims to shine a spotlight on the Church of Scientology's disconnection policy, and to help bring families torn apart by the practice back together.

On March 11th Susan Lentsch, mother of Kate Olson a current Sea Org member, issued a public statement asking the Church to allow her daughter the chance to visit, something previously denied. At the same time she requested that people protesting the Church highlight her case, and provided a statement for attorney Graham Berry to read outside the Los Angeles headquarters.

On Saturday March 15th she saw her daughter Kate, & along with an OSA minder they spent several hours at one of LA's art museums. The price the "church" asked for this was that she not attend the upcoming protest, nor have her statement read out. However they did make a commitment that Kate would be allowed to go home to visit her family in the early part of this month.

It's hoped that this is the first of many such stories, and that enough pressure can be generated both to force the "church" to honor it's promise to Susan and Kate, and to allow other families to meet without these heavy restrictions.

Reconnect.org will act as a central focus for the operation, and it's almost ready for launch!

However we need your help.

If you've been disconnected or you have a disconnection story you're willing to share, we will be posting people's stories to the site.

Stories can be emailed to [email protected]

What you email will be manually input into the site, ready for when it goes live. Information that we're asking for:

Title: (The title of your disconnection story)
Name: (What ever name you feel comfortable sharing)
City/State: (Location)
Story: (Please describe how you were disconnected and how this affected you, this can also be used as a plea to the person that disconnected you. Accounts can be in any format you choose, an essay, a story, a letter, what ever you prefer)
Image: (if you'd like to include an image send it as an attachment to the email)

You can share as much or as little information as you're comfortable with, obviously the more information posted the better, as it will give a greater chance for the Scientologist in your life finding you should they try to make contact through the site. All submissions (and replies) will be moderated so there is no chance for the trolls to get through.

If you know someone who has a disconnection story, we ask that you forward this information to them too.

Thank you. Hopefully with your help, over the next few weeks many more people will become aware of just how destructive this policy is, and more families and friends will be brought back together again! :happydance:
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The price the "church" asked, was that she not attend the upcoming protest, nor have her statement read there. However a commitment was made for Kate to be allowed to go home and visit her family in early April.

What a bunch of shit! Really! Scientology has an asking price for visiting your children!?!?!? I certainly understand her need to pay the price, but I hope that the fact that a price was asked and paid is shouted to the rooftops. :grouch: