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HBO: 'Going Clear' a major success with almost 6 million viewers..

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And now, there's this:

Holly Madison, Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriend and former Girl Next Door, stopped by Good Work and shared what day-to-day life was like at the Playboy Mansion. Then she revealed that after she watched the HBO Scientology documentary Going Clear, she felt "that was kinda my life [at the Playboy Mansion]


It's becoming a metaphor for miserableness, entering the mainstream as an analogy. "You want to know how bad X was? It was like Scientology!!" "No WAY!" "Yes, Way!!!"



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My thanks to the CO$ and COB whom,
while making an unprecedented amount of noise about the documentary
had increased the public and $cientologists interest and attendance to an unexpected degree.

You did great for providing HBO with a free efficient marketing campaign :happydance:

COB shall be nominated as best promotional Marketing director of the year!
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