He makes me feel physically ill


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Yup. I think this is one of his worst:


LOOOOK at him. He's revolting.
He is revolting inside and out. But I would totally fuck that tomato.


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Just watched the South Park 'Scientology' episode for the first time and noticed something briefly, in the background, which ended up being one of the funniest elements in the program (except perhaps for Travolta's voice).

Throughout the episode, an actual photo of Hubbard is shown, but quite early on and in the background (about four minutes in, coincidentally no doubt, at the point when the Scientologist asks 'Stan' if he has the 240 Dollars...) there is a small cartoon portrait of Hubbard displayed on the wall of the 'church'.

Here's a reconstructed version (it was pretty indistinct and another character's head was obstructing part of the image) of 'South Park Hubbard':

Click for full-size

Actually, I think the South Park artists were very kind to Hell-Ron. He only looks slightly nuts, with a few facial divots for character. The photo opening this thread, on the other hand, is a study in absolutably obnoxiousness.