He remortgaged his house


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More likely is that IF healthy young women were not fascinated by the bodies of healthy, physically fit young men, the human race would have died out long ago.

It's only been a relatively recent change, that women had that much of a choice in who they were going to procreate with.

For most of human history, their families, if not actually picking the husband with little input from her, mostly had a veto on who was allowed to meet her. Mostly, that meant that her choices were restricted to men who would be able to support her and any resulting kids. If he happened to be handsome, that was just a bonus.

Women also (up until the last century or so) didn't have much of a choice of not marrying. Career opportunities were limited, especially in days where most jobs involved physical strength, and/or willingness to face danger and hardship.


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I think that most of them look really weird with forced expressions. The kids too young to care look fine, but the rest just look strange, even the Dwarf. Look at the intimacy between him and his wife: totally absent. She might as well have her arm around a piece of furniture.


Maybe the photographer, El Con, was busy retreading the student hat on how to get a good family circus photograph as did the Jap photographer mentioned in the taped lecture of that course. This is probably take 5.4x and El Con just couldn't get it right as DM the o ne who can get semi colons put in the exact correct; place was withholding and wondering if El Con knew how much of Elcons conned $ was gambled away in Vegas or Reno.
I don't see any blinking so maybe it was intended as a family TR success promo piece.


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Back in 1988 or 1989 I received a phone call from a very dear friend who was in the sea org. He asked if I could do him a favor and that it was very important and of course I agreed.

Having no car I would have to take the bus to town. I was to call him collect just before I left the house to catch the bus. The call was to the Church of Scientology in Los Angeles. AOLA I think.

So I called collect before I left for the bus and was told to call collect again when I got off the bus and before I went to the first address. Kind of cloak-and-dagger stuff. I did so and went into the office. They gave me an envelope which I had to sign for. When I left the office I had to call the number collect once more.

I then got instructions to go to a bank several blocks away and to call collect again before I went into the bank which I did. They knew I was coming and when I opened the envelope it was a check from a mortgage company. I can't recall if it was just under $100,000 or over but I know it was more money than I had ever seen and I was shocked.

I realized he had remortgaged his home that was already paid off. By the way, that house is worth nearly 2 million dollars today. And of course once I was done with the transaction I had to call the number yet again. The deal was done.

About 10 years ago I was told that he had lost the house. He was in the sea org and could not make any payments of course. They then kicked him out of the sea org because he had too high of a debt. A little over two months ago he died living in a trailer with no heat literally in the middle of a muddy field.

I wanted to ask him what happened but never had the heart to. Just recently I told my niece that story and she relayed to me that he had told her that with that money he had bought some kind of artwork whether it be lithographs or what I don't know. He told her that he had them in storage and they were stolen and he lost all that money. Whether that is a true story or whether he was just too embarrassed to tell her that he had given it to the church I just don't know.

With all of you who were in L. A. at the time I was hoping that maybe somebody would recall the incident or at least know of perhaps some sort of scam that was going on that he got caught up in. This has bothered me to no end.

I apologize for the length of this post but sitting here thinking about it all I am am steaming mad yet again.

"With all of you who were in L. A. at the time I was hoping that maybe somebody would recall the incident or at least know of perhaps some sort of scam that was going on that he got caught up in. This has bothered me to no end".

Oh YES - I recall that SCAM


Most people go broke and end up homeless and broken if they stay in Scientology.