Hector Carmona, Celebrity Center Reg from years ago, RIP


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I was posting on the Memorial Thread and realized this, so
I decided to make a thread for my friend, in case people who are not posting on that thread
but knew him....will learn of his passing:

Another person many here won't know, however some may...
who passed away almost one year ago was Hector Carmona. :omg: He had Lung Cancer
and died on Halloween, 2012. <<< A perfect day for him to die!! He was a character
and will be missed by many, for years and years to come.

Since he didn't post here, who was he? :confused2:

He was the Registrar at Celebrity Center who "got" John Travolta
and just about every other "celebrity" onto courses and auditing "in" Scientology, from the early
days (1970's+)
He was at the original Celebrity Center down on 8th Street, and then left after
I believe 10 years or so. :coolwink:

He resurfaced when I began having my parties after I escaped out, in 2000. Hector used to love
to come to my parties....see many of his old Celebrity Center Staff friends, and meet
new ones, too. He shall be missed, as will everyone here. I just realized I never made a thread
for him as he wasn't really a member here at ESMB. However, due to his post...quite a few
may have known him.

:bighug: To ALL

And Hector: :party: ON where ever you are!!