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I should spend more time on the other side of a shower curtain...

So it sounds like Poland perhaps...

Even a Protestant is likely to say thank God for Karol Wojtyla!!!



The mother of our sons and the old boyfriend she married met in parochial high school. I've been blockaded from my sons since 1980 and one of my attempts to break the blockade was an appeal to the RCC which was ended by a sneering priest saying "We know she has children. We don't know you have any"

I am successful in restraining myself from murder but it isn't easy.
So you wrote a letter to the RCC. So you rocked up to a priest and claimed the children she was raising were yours. WTF did you actually expect the priest to say to that? He answered you honestly. He knew she has children but did not know you had any.

You said on another thread that you had a restraining order because you made threats of murder. Whose fault was that, CP? Murder threats are taken seriously. People are murdered every day. And here again, you say it wasn't easy to keep yourself from murdering others.

I don't blame her for trying to protect the children and herself. Not one bit.

For all your carrying-on about how fabulous Dianetics was for you in your life, you still haven't resolved this. This is the third post I've read where you've said you felt like murdering others. I would think resolving that would be a high priority issue to resolve and Dianetics and Scientology utterly failed you.

Rage and threats of violence need to be addressed and CP, I hope you get some genuine help from a real psychologist or psychiatrist soon and get over your fears. What you have going on is very serious if what you are saying is true. Please get professional help.
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The human mind is something very complicated, especially when, for any reason, an individual has raised 6' thick defense walls...
The more suffering and dysfunctional past, the more the psyche builds up dysfunctional ways of coping with life.

If the individual can succed a normal life without too much suffering inflicted To himself and others, there are no perceived urge to address the wrong cognitions and behaviors as the defense system appears to be functional...

But, when there is a build up of suffering and tragedies, one must get that help is needed to avoid ending life in tourments, fear, emotional distress.. as LRH ended up his life....

If we carry suffering, there is no shame in demanding for psychological competent help; To the opposite, it's courageous to do so as we decide to face our demons and transform suffering into hope and resiliency....

I am certain many who read this board have done so...I am among them, and I consider myself being strong and courageous for demanding help to face my own fears of feeling the load of an overwhelming long time suppressed emotional distress. I learned in my family and in the cult to suppress emotions and to built shame of self.
Now, I am learning how to normally deal with normal emotions.

Healing is a great gift to our soul and to prepare our next journey in a fresh new start.
And this is such a great and soul soothing adventure to discover how real professional therapists are dedicated, kind, securing, empathetic and efficient in helping to heal the past, suppressed emotions and dysfunctions which are creating a build up of unecessary suffering.

The strongest men and women are those who had the humility to recognize when they need help and to demand for it. Sometimes, life will put a great person on our road so we only have to listen to their good advice and begin our walk on a better path. All begin with a wish....​
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Hello George,

That was quite of a nice opening post of you!

Glad you found your own way and now feel confortable. You are very welcome to share whatever you wish.