Hello Everyone - Meet my Granddaughter


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I am going to repost an announcement I made on WWP yesterday as I wanted to share it with you too (I'll just update one of the photos with two new ones):


"Anonymous it is my GREAT pleasure to announce to you first the birth of my beautiful granddaughter to my beautiful daughter.

On February 14, 2012 all 7 pounds 2 ounces and 20 inches of Chloe Autumn was born in love after a 31 hour labor:



THIS is what I had hoped to live for.

And now I have

When my daughter was one year old, organized scientology tried to get myself and my wife to turn over our daughter to them while we did the RPF for simply saying we wanted to leave. We refused. We left with her.

Seventeen years later, organized scientology tried to drag my daughter back to them for the RPF for blowing staff at the CMO. She escaped and got to me across country and I refused to send her back despite their threats to both of us. (That I even allowed her to talk me into joining staff when she was 16 still haunts me to this day).

Because of those decisions to leave organized scientology the world now has a beautiful new baby to celebrate.

And because of the forced abortions and imprisonments rampant in organized scientology where love is devoured for worldly gain, so many people will not have this moment :sad:

To them and all others I will continue to do all I can to expose this and stop this.

And, I welcome all of you to my home. Sit down in front of my mantel with my daughter's picture taken one year after we left staff with her and have one of those cigars (chocolate of course)


I <3 you Anonymous (edit: and all on ESMB and Xenu.net as well) and wanted you to be the first ones I shared this with online.

Larry "Grandparent"

PS: A beautiful Anon who I dearly love who has her own lovely children reminded me recently that I am 8 years older than her mother. My God I am old!!! But I did accomplish living long enough to see this :) And You :)"

Added note on ESMB: Last night I spoke by phone to my daughter who was in the hospital. Chole was laying on her nursing. I heard my first sounds from one day old Chole which was a hiccup followed by several seconds of a sound I can't quite describe except that it is from her. I was floored, even overwhelmed with joy as I cried!!!

Like I often told my daughter in poetry to her about her own birth and life, her arms were her baby's world. Her beating heart was her baby's comfort and her companion. She gave this baby life and was sustaining it with her own body. She suffered like she never has before to bring this baby into the world and would do it a thousand times over if needed. She was everything this baby needed and would defend Chole with her life.

To the baby she is everything good, she is Goddess which is best known in this world as "Mother".

In turn Chole helped my daughter experience a look into heaven (which I call "the Fae") by helping my daughter find the most beautiful thing in the world which is unconditional love. And I believe that love is deep within all of us but, sadly, often not found. But Chole helped Kimberly find it in herself.

And THAT to me is what life is all about. It is higher than the highest "OT level". It cannot be bought with money. It cannot be found by disconnecting from loved ones. It can not be attained by putting yourself ahead of all others.

It is certainly not found by abusing others.

THIS is what you kill when you drag a blown staff member back from freedom to the horror of the RPF.

THIS is what you kill through disconnection and otherwise destroying family as is done to staff and their loved ones countless times over.

THIS is what you destroy in countless ways by making scientology more important than love.

As the beautiful Anon L Ron Hu88ard once wrote in the wonderful video about love..."It is time for the Church of Scientology to get out of Loves Way.....Love is calling you home. Answer the call":


And another from Anonymous re stopping disconnection. (Try not to cry at the end, starting at 2:04):


To love and to compassion. Let it rule!!!

I <3 you all!


This is NOT OK !!!!

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Sir Lawrence the GREAT!!!

Congratulations to you, your daughter, son-in-law and of course to Chole!!

Another COMPLETE family out of Scientology.

Bless you my friend!

And please pass my regards to your lovely family.


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Congratulations Granddad!

Isn't life wonderful!
May it continue showering blessings on you.



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Wow, Larry, that is so wonderful! Good for you, good for your daughter and her husband, and welcome to the world to your beautiful new granddaughter! You did good!!


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Beautiful LIFE! and LOVE! Beautiful story. Congratulations Larry and family and welcome to this beautiful world Chloe.


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This is just wonderful. Congratulations Larry, to you, your daughter, your son in law & your beautiful grand daughter.

This is what life is all about.



Best news evah!

I am so very happy for you! I can't wait to be a grandma!

Love you,




Absolutely the most fantastic news Larry! Enjoy your grampahood with your lovely family, it makes me want to dance with joy for ya! (so I will!)



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Absolutely brilliant! I am so happy for you all, it makes your heart kinda swell doesn't it? All that pain to get to such a pivotal and wonderful moment.
Congrats - another little Aquarian bringing a unique perspective to the world!

Long live love!

Oh, Larry! This is just WONDERFUL! :happydance:

Thank you so much for sharing this joy with us! She is just beautiful...Lots of Love to you and to the whole family. :thumbsup: Congratulations!

Welcome to the world! We love you already! :happydance:



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Let's hope that your granddaughter will be able to grow up in a world free from the threat of Scientology.