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Hello from NC, USA


Formerly Fooled - Finally Free
Hello Members,

I have considered myself a Scientologist since the mid 1960's but voluntarily left the official organization around 1970. As far as I know, I have not been 'declared'.

My primary interest in this forum is to connect with other ex Scientologist's who are active in the research and practice of delivering personal consultation toward the end of spiritual enhancement and self actualization.

I am trained as a Dianetic auditor (ca. 1967) and completed OT II in the free zone in 2008. Recently, I have read/studied all tape transcripts, books and technical bulletins which are widely available on the Internet.

I am currently near the end of my third career in this lifetime (as an IT professinal) looking forward to retirement circumnavigating the world in a small wind powered floating home. Alone if need be, but I would sure like to find a partner. I think it's called co-creation.

PF in North Carolina, USA

Hi, PF! Welcome!

Not sure you'll find much assistance here in your quest for active ex members who are consulting with the tech, as most are no longer believers of the tech, but do look at these sections on the Tech etc and the Freezone

Despite that, you'll certainly find many interested in your adventures while in Scientology and why you left, etc. We love old timers here, lol :)

Which orgs were you involved with? Were u ever Sea Org?

Best wishes,
TY Mark
I didn't come to this board as a victim of Scn. My life has been a piece of cake for forty years outside the CofS. Whether vicitms or not most members on this board seem to have found exactly what they were looking for. I certainly have.


I meant exactly what I said about contacting CarmeloOrchards. His story is somewhat similar to yours. I suspect that if you don't know him already you will enjoy swapping histories with him. If you do know him you are still apt to find him interesting. He's an amusing guy with a lot to say on a lot of topics and a lot of friends, both "in" and "out".

Mark A. Baker