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The least (fewest?) hours I worked in the SO were on the EPF -even though you started earlier, you usually went to bed on time -around 9pm. But generally speaking, I would do 15 hour days 6 days a week (Saturday was CSP night and would be a 9-10 hour day).

Breakfast was fried eggs on toast or cereal; lunches were cheese and bread; dinners were pasta, or sausages, or stew and with lots of bread. If the org was in emergency then it was beans and rice.

The least crowded berthing room I lived in was also on the EPF (4 guys in the room including me). The next berthing (a terrace house in paddington), the room had 15 guys living in it. The next berthing (a duplex in waterloo) my room had 8 or 10 guys living in it. The next berthing (a terrace in surrey hills) had 14 or 16 guys living in the room I was in. Note: everything you owned was in the room you lived in.

The pay was $40 per week -which we got about 60% of the time. At the CLO, I understood from talking to some of their crew, they practically never got paid. You could get extra money but it meant selling books to get the commission, or CSW'ing for upstats.

This is a list of things that the average SO member needs that is NOT PAID FOR by the SO:

-new clothes (casual clothes, socks, underwear, shoes, towels, linen, etc)
-toiletries (soap, shampoo, razors, dental stuff, female hygiene, etc)
-vitamins (you name it...)
-supplies (cleaning agents, scourers, bucket)
-medical (depending on person, but if you have a medical condition that requires regular medication, you will not get the money for it)
-travel (bus-fares, train fares, though there was a shuttle -it did not fit the entire crew -at least a third would mak etheir own way to the org)
-extras (cigarettes, movies, good food, night out, etc)

If you compare the "pay" with the list above, you will get an idea of the condition your average SO member is in.