Help identify this Sydney scientologist


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This man:

Came up to me personally and requested to see the OTIII handout somebody gave me. In it was a list of sci front groups. Thinking he was a member of the public, I started explaining that Narconon and Crimenon are scientology fronts.

He pointed to the cult awareness network listing and said that they were definitely not a scientology-affiliated organisation and asked me where I got my information, to which I replied "the internet". He then pointed to Narconon and said that his son was on it and it helped him get clean. He enquired why we want to protest organisations that help people. I began to suspect at this point that I was talking to a schientologist, but pressed on by pointing out unlike Addicts Anonymus and similar groups, narconon tries to recruit people into scientology courses. The Anon in the green shirt stepped in and tried to argue my point also. The man repeated his argument - something about his son and how he is now "clean" at which point I asked "Sir, are you a scientologist?". To this he replied "Fucking oath I am". Another anon stepepd in and asked the man to watch his language. I moved away, but 5 or so minutes later noticed the man was still there, talking to the green-shirted anon. Concerned for the peace of the protest due to this man's actions as well as his own safety, I felt it prudent to point him out to the police and advise them that he is hassling protestors and is using obscene language. They pulled him aside and he crossed the road soon after.

Other Anons report that he collected fliers from protestors and carried them inside the building. He reportedly also followed one protestor on the train home.

If any ex Scientologists in Sydney know who this man is, please let me know.


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'New' CAN (Cult Awareness Network) is definitely a Scientology organization.

Besides, Narconon *is* one of the organizations listed as a Scientology Entity on the IRS closing agreement.