HELP!! part 2

Mick Wenlock

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Ah, that would explain some oblique references to "grandpa" and him being a physician would mean he probably has the funds to support his mentally ill daughter and her crazy husband. Wonder if dear old Dad is still an active Scio? I can't imagine him supporting Virginia if so since she's now claiming to be a spy who infiltrated the cult to uncover it's British enslavement operation, or wtf ever they go on about. I do recall her saying her initial involvement in the cult was due to her father's involvement.

Tom did mention something about Lisa being under the influence of Mom/Grandpa, so maybe Grandpa is the puppet master over the whole cluster fuck via the purse strings. Hard to believe someone who got through medical school would go along with all that cult nonsense, much less put up with his daughter and SIL's mental illness induced delusions. But hey if he believe the cult's fantasies he might easily believe Virginia's as well...or maybe he just pays them to leave him alone. I have no trouble imagining Virginia tormenting dear old Dad to an inch of his sanity unless he hands over the dough she demands and which allows her to infiltrate enslaver salsa groups and ESMB.

I am pretty sure that the Doc probably regards the cost of maintaining a house for two losers who cannot hold down real jobs just a worthwhile and cost effective write off. It is obviously better than having them stand outside Walmart with a soap box and possibly having to stand bail or pay for treatment.


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I will go little British, later some French, if you pardon me in Bulgravia style....:melodramatic:


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Hey, I'm a pommie. Am I a member of the British New World Order? Or the ESMB cabal? Or am I a CofS agent? I'd better dig out my membership cards to refresh my memory.:duh:

Why does the pommie have his wife shave his head?

Because someone told her she'd have better sex if she shaved her twat. :biggrin: