HELP the Investigation into the Gloria Lopez suicide


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Re: Have you met these persons ?


I'm not a scientologist but i know them very well. I'm looking for some persons who can have informations about Gloria Lopez's case. Maybe an ex scientologist has known them or just one of them.

Juliette Wagner-Quercia (was in clearwater and Gold base, not sure when exactly)

Danielle Ambert. (Was on Freewinds and she opened missions in the south of France)

Elisabeth Haley ( No information about her, was in Copenhague last year and in 2006 )

Christine Du Bois ( In copenhague last year too and 2006)

Sylviane Perret ( In Copenhague in 2006)

Patrick Helander ( In clearwater in 2006 )

I hope you will help me.

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Is Rickard Helander, Commanding Officer of one of the churches in Copenhagen related to him?

This person had some interaction with Rickard in 2009
Per-Olof "Sam" Samuelsson
2nd August 2009, 03:53 AM
Here, also, is the letter I wrote the other day to the Director of Income at AOSHEU in Copenhagen:

I have received your letter of June 3, 2009, together with your demand that I pay you an inordinate amount of money.

Let us get a few points straight:

1. I left the Church of Scientology in October 1977. This is almost 32 years ago. I did not then intend to ever rejoin the CofS, nor do I intend to do so now. I am living a happy and productive wog life. The years I spent in the CofS I regard as the lost years of my life.

2. The matter of my so-called “free-loader bill” was settled in 1981, when I received a similar extortion letter from one of your predecessors. Since this is a debt that can accumulate over a period of one billion years, I agreed to pay it back over the same period. This means 0.05 Swiss Francs every one thousandth year. Your predecessor wasn’t exactly happy with this solution – but I also wrote an article about it, which was published in a Swedish magazine (“Sökaren”), and since scientologists are sensitive about bad PR, it had the effect that I have been left in peace since then.

3. You didn’t bother to specify the currency, but since I do not intend to pay, that does not really matter. I would just like to point out to you that if I accepted this demand, the amount is far beyond my financial means. Should I take the demand seriously, I would be reduced to begging my daily bread. And before you take the word “help” in your mouth you should consider the simple fact that economically ruining another human being is the exact opposite of helping him.

4. I have reported the recent attempts to recruit me back into Scientology (from you and from Rickard Helander at “I Help Europe”) to the Danish police. In the wog world, extortion is considered a crime.

I sincerely hope that this is the last I ever hear from you. Any attempts from your side to contact me again will simply be reported to the police.

He got his story in the news...

Scientologkyrkan kräver Per-Olof på 200 000 kronor

Publicerad 12 aug 2009 22:21

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Re: HELP the Investigation of the Gloria Lopez suicide

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Jonny Jacobsen


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Tony Ortega has many details through Jonny Jacobsen, posted on his blog today:

This is a very sad story. I am pretty much convinced that the cult will hide or destroy any evidence they had in this case. Like they did with witnesses in Lisa McPherson's death, they will take people out of the country or do whatever they do to make sure there are no witnesses available! I'm also pretty sure that even if the witness WERE available, they would just lie to protect the cult!

This is one of the aspects of the destruction the cult wreaks that is not covered nearly enough in media. Victims are ruined financially, leading to depression and sometimes suicide! There are many such stories, most of them do not get covered.

Many of us here, including me, have stories of near brushes with suicide and definitely deep depression while being involved in the cult.