Sounds a bit like dog training to me, as in a puppy having his nose rubbed into what he left on the floor.

I read KSW several times, but, I suppose that I must have taken it with a grain of salt. Oh well. Pardon the heck out of me, Mr. HubTurd.


My dad used to do this when I was a kid. To somehow train the dog not to go poop inside the house.

Never could understand it, as a kid. But as an adult, when I had a pup and the pup went poop on the floor inside the house, why I rubbed his nose in it.

Then one day, I took a look at my actions, and said to myself, WTF. The doggie doesn't really know.

So I stopped doing the pup's rub nose into the poop he just did in the house.

But you know, when I read DMSMH, I read about contagion of aberration. So in reading that book, why I saw lots of contagion of aberration in my family while growing up, as per the above example. So I got hooked into DMSMH. I got hooked into "engrams" being the single source of aberrations. And those engrams could restimulate at any time ( :omg:), better get myself "clear".

Here I am posting on the ex scientology message board after many many hours of engram running.


I have been in this situation and although I hate to say it and understand what you are going thru.... I would recommend leaving this relationship behind. Time is precious, it really is. If you want to have a normal family of your own, assuming that you are of that age, this guy will only waste your time. You already know the truth. I wasted 10 years thinking I was a bad person because scientology seemed strange to me and the guy I was seeing was trying to drag me in there any chance he got. I passed up other possible relationships because I missed him. Then he met a girl raised in Scientology who is half his age. They are married now and she's pregnant. I'm probably too old now to have biological children of my own. I've moved on in my life too and am in a relationship with someone who is not a scientologist. But I am still bothered by the time I wasted and that he put me down so terribly and made me feel like a criminal towards the end, and as I was going thru a very rough time when he dropped me for the scientologist...he told me that I should "just kill myself.". I've learned a big lesson. My advice is to join some groups and need someone who will really love you. Save yourself a lot of pain and confusion. If they have a hold on him, let him go and save yourself. He won't leave for you and as he's connected to them the abuse will trickle down to you in the end. Best of luck. Everything will be ok if you listen to your gut.

My heart is already telling me to leave...and when I telling my partner this...he says its part of my case. I reject all organized maybe it is my "case" but I can justify my beliefs and opinions. It seems, at times, Scientology cant.

If I wasnt with my boyfriend, I would of left already...and that scares me.

get out.

Also what do you guys recommend when it comes to my partner? I already know he wont let go of Scientology, and I really dont want to let go of him. Im very lost. He has been nothing but a positive influence in my life. To punish him for being a Scientologist just sounds wrong.


I could not resist immediately replying to your thread. I was 19 and I met a man who had recently become a Scientologist. He had a very high sense of ethics and a high IQ. I felt I was very 'average' in comparison. We eventually got married. I spent years in Scientology mainly just to please him and I admit I was gullible enough to believe the OT levels would unlock the secrets of the Universe for me. I found the beginners courses lots of fun and learnt a bit. By the time I finished with working at the Org I was chronically so unhappy I wished I was a victim of a major car accident as I felt so guilty about wanting to leave.

After spending so much money on services on our second attempt of SCientology we were broke and in huge debt. HUbby and I broke up and I am very bitter about this as I had two very young children by that stage. It took around 20 years to financially get back on my feet as well as raise the girls and get them through Uni as well as educate myself. There was nothing in this life I regret more than being in Scientology.

Scientologists just love young people without much life experience, who will take a risk and sign up for things which just end up mediocre or a bunch of twaddle for many, many thousands of dollars. DMSMH may sound credible, but if the tech was so successful why are so many Orgs shrinking and why are the Reges so desperatley hard selling all the time.

I used to see a photo of LRH and get a horrible feeling about him. I should have used my brain and intuition to high tail out of there even if it meant splitting up from my partner.

See my recent story.

Twitch may just be lurking, or may be dealing with real life fallout of distancing herself from the Cult or her boyfriend. She could be on the ship, but I doubt it...

Chances are good that even if she gets drawn into the Cult for a time, she will leave it eventually, most people do! :thumbsup:

So let's leave a light on for her here...

Also, all this good advice may be very useful and really help someone else who is dealing with a similar issue or circumstance. :yes:

It occurs to me that she may be feeling foolish for not doing more research online about Scientology as her boyfriend wanted to pay for her first class. It's never too late to change your mind when you get new information about a subject!
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...he put me down so terribly and made me feel like a criminal towards the end, and as I was going thru a very rough time when he dropped me for the scientologist...he told me that I should "just kill myself."...

So typical of the best communicators in the world.

A Scientologist has 2 main thrusts. SURVIVE and REVENGE


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Apologies, I didn't read the whole thread, but are you gay?

This is why I ask:

Hello! Im new to this forum. Its kinda funny how I found you guys. I was sitting in the kitchen at Church waiting to go on course, but I previously asked my boyfriend why we take vitamin B-1 to prevent engrams.

So here you have a guy, 24 years old, fresh out of college, paying back school debt, trying to make ends meet, thinking he finally found something that will help him get ahead...just to find out that I have to get 1,500 I can learn how to make more money...What? Anyways...

In that second bit it sounds as though you are referring to yourself as a male.

If you are gay then you don't need anyone here to tell you shit. You'll find out on the quickness why you shouldn't be there.

All your suspicions are correct. If you're looking for confirmation you found it.

For now, you should disregard the Freezoners and Independents that often try to proselytize when new people come through. Just get away from the Church and if you're really that interested in the "Tech" you can find it for free all over the damn place.

Chances are by now you are either in Ethics or going through a rough patch with your partner which is why you haven't been back.

Good luck and Godspeed. I hope you high tail it out of that awful place as soon as possible.


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Hello! Im new to this forum.

Hello Twitch,

Listen, don't pay any attention to the people on this board trying to prevent you from being given your eternity, by Scientology. There is only one (or two) question(s) that is important to be answered by you right now (for the Church) which is: How much money do you have? and, How much is purchasing your eternity worth?

If you have say, a couple grand, well, that'll get you a few low level entry services. But if you have say, around 100,000.00 dollars, you are on your way to knowing how to know secrets that will blow your mind. If you can round up 1/2 million, you are in!

And why? It's simple, people with big bucks can afford things like eternity. Poor people can barely scrap by in this life, why give them another one? It makes perfect sense.

Regarding your boyfriend, no problem, marry him, get all of his cash and assets in your name, and then if he betrays Scientology, dump him and get yourself up the bridge. Quickly. With his money. It's brilliant actually. And relatively simple to do.

best wishes,
and much love,