Henry Rollins Explains Why He Hates Scientology

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Was Henry Rollins fear justified? Was Gina Gershon a Scientologist?

I did a very quick search and saw a transcript from a radio interview she did where the term Scientology comes up a few times, but the transcription is horrible and I can't decipher it at all. :confused2:


I haven't seen anything on it (I did a quick search too), and I can only conclude that if she was "in" it wasn't for very long. My post was intended to be more about Henry Rollins's views about Scientology than about her.

(I agree about the transcription too - what a mess! Just one long, long paragraph without any coherence, a lot of sentences aren't being completed and ideas are often picked up and dropped within what complete sentences there are. Really not worth making the attempt to read it.
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