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Many people have quoted Harlan Ellison as stating that he was there when Hubbard dreamt up Dianetics as a fake religion. Finding the actual quote is very difficult, but I dug this up, which is very revealing:

When the Old Guard of established SF writers were seriously getting "old", Ellison was a fresh teenager getting into the genre. If you listen to all of this, every writer that he names was someone I had read, except Hubbard--I had never even heard of him until my involvement with Scn. While all those other authors had died off, Ellison was still active in the 90s, serving as Conceptual Consultant on Babylon 5.

If you don't want to listen to the entire recording, start at about 7 mins. Lester Del Rey was the one who gave Hubbard the initial idea. Unfortunately, the recording terminates too soon, and I've not yet found any continuation.