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Hey, Allan, Allan!

Arthur Dent

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I can log in now.

Mish and I are very good friends, and will always be. Her family is my family.

So are many of you here, and will be always.

It has been quite an experience being banned to the outside, and seeing *SO* many threads that have been started about me, asking me to come back, along with all the posts saying "good riddance, the board is better off without him, etc.".

It's quite something being the banned outsider.

You all should know that.

Not being part of a family eviscerates your soul.

This is why I wrote my post on my blog so you could see what it is like to have your family banish you, and gather around and tell each other you are all better off without him or her. It is an expression of L. Ron Hubbard's disconnection, which is a human abomination to those of your own kind. L Ron Hubbard came up with it because he had lies to hide. And he did not want those lies to be discussed and exposed by his paying customers.

As for Emma, she just got sick of me. And I can understand that.

Many people have gotten sick of me. Even I have gotten sick of me from time to time.

But seeing seeing yourself discussed in the way you guys discuss people: You should see yourself discussed that way.

It's quite something. There are so may people here who I respected and thought were friends of mine. And to find out they were always annoyed and even hated me.

It's quite something.

It has taught me, maybe, to think about what I write. Because real people read what I have to say.

All this is meant to be from an outsider - Alanzo, the Outsider of the Ex-Scientology Message Board.

Even though I have been the major OT Level Status-Giver over all of you, I have always understood that giving status disconnects all the others of you who do not have it. I've also known that each of you who are not within my grace will feel the need to reach for it. So I've always got that goin' for me, which is nice.

But it's weird, from my now so much more superior viewpoint, I've come to understand that Scientologists might feel hinky about how you are talking about them.

It's funny that it has to happen to you before you see it for yourself.

So this is the lesson from the Prodigal Son who has returned home to you.

Hopefully, Emma will give me a higher post count now than Zinj, so that after learning all this and raising myself higher than all of you are here, I can finally reach the highest levels of status that you all can give.

Alanzo has been through hell and come back to you.

NOW - he *must* be the highest status staten that you could ever make your little brains understand.

Don't you think?

Hey Alanzo!
I haven't been very perceptive nor on the board much and hadn't noticed your return. Glad you've come back to join the little people! :eyeroll: You were missed! How did it feel to be able to say "I'm with the ban!" :D


Bardo Tulpa
It may seem impossible that something could embarrass Alanzo.

But this thread does.

I have to say that I do not know of any birthmark on GoodTwin's ass.

I also have to say that the posts in this thread welcoming me, and calling out to me like gophers - when you could be calling out to so many others more worthy than me - makes me feel like my ego and my status as a superior staten is completely justified for all eternity.


I've said it.

And I really mean it.


It may seem impossible that something could embarrass Alanzo.


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Where? :unsure:

I tried to take the x-rating out of it by shrinking the pic. But here we go for inspection__

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Bardo Tulpa
I'm clicking and saving all these armadillo pictures for future ammunition.

I hope you understand that.