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Hi and welcome to the board,
I am new too, have only been a member for about a week. It must have been hard for you being gay, being a scio and around other scios when you were younger. Luckily you seem to have had very supportive parents and they didn't disconnect from you... a good thing. :thumbsup: This is one of the many aspects of the C of S that I definitely don't support and will never do so. Their attitude to homosexuals, I feel, is wrong. My 2D believed the C of S's concept about gays (and was passionate about everything else !!) so I had to keep my mouth shut, :nervous: but now " I am out" (and he is too) I don't care about the consequences. If I "don't agree" with everything the church believes and I don't feel its "right", I will now say so, but I was hesitant before and barely said a negative word to him, although I'd certainly think it. They have no "control" over that !!
I hope you enjoy being a member of this board.
All the best :coolwink:


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Hi Teckid! I'm late on this thread. I looked you up when you started the 4 word thread. I had to find out about the member that did that!! So, Welcome!!

I just thought I would add that in the late '90s I found myself in the Flag MAA's office very upset with the treatment from Scn of gay people, and with no comm lag he produced a reference completely validating my viewpoint. I was a very happy camper after that. I wish I had had the presence of mind to write down the reference, but I don't remember it now at all. Anyway, that was one of my better Flag experiences. :) Of course, that MAA completely disappeared from the base...

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Great Post Teckid

Hey ESMB!!

I'm a Ex Scio Kid! I've been brought up in Scio land for as long as I can remember. Everything I have ever read by LRH has been a huge asset to my life and would never do without it.

Saying that, I have not done extensive study and most of what I have done was when I was a young kid under 12 or so. I was brought up by 2 parents that are trained and OT and I wouldn't have had it any other way. They were both on staff when I was very little and then Dad had to start work when to make the money and Mum stayed on for a while longer. I remember on occasion when I visited the org as a young tike running around, knowing everyone and getting some much attention.. a very social one as I still am today.

I wasn't your average kid. I played soccer.. not sure why, I used to sit on the grass between the goals and pick the clovers and take them to Mum so they wouldn't get squashed. Later on in primary school when I gave that up, I used to sit with the teacher and the girls at lunch and have a chat because the idea of playing football and getting my uniform dirty didn't interest me. On the other hand I wasn't a princess I used to get up to just as much mischief as my brothers. I climbed trees and made bombs (I have scars to prove it) and made my mother freak out.. just as all boys should. Mainly though I was quite happy to sit and have a chat with anyone. I loved going to resturaunts when I was 5, I wouldn't run around and my parents always complained I ordered the expensive stuff.. I have good taste I can't help it :eyeroll:

I think having the parents that I had made this a lot easier for me. They accepted me for who I was and treated me as who I wanted to be. I think I would be a very different person today if it was not for my parents and who they are.

That said.. It was a different story living in a Scientology family which meant socialising in Scio groups and going to a Scio school. The hard times I had from the other kids, the teachers and the other parents.. and by parents I mainly mean the fathers who often didn't know how to relate to me, it was difficult.

I'm a gay guy. I'm very happy with who and what I am.. I didn't choose to be this way it's just how it worked it and I wouldn't want to be any other way.

When I 'came out' my parents they were more supportive than I ever could have imagined. My brothers finally stopped calling me a FAG when I told them I was and it didn't bother them. I slowly came out to the rest of the group over the years and it was a big weight off my shoulders. This doesn't mean I didn't have trouble along the way. I was labelled 1.1 and people to this day don't talk to me, they ignore me on the street, they've written KR's, said I was 'Out Ethics' and to 'Knock it off'.

I'm interested in others that are out there that have had similar experiences, been involved in Scientology and had the crap that goes on with the group agreement and such, that comes with being involved in the organisation.

Hey Teckid,
Great post!! So glad you have the family you have and I see one hell of a loving family there my friend.

I had so many interviews with many questions about my sister being gay, It was fucked. The worst question was by one of the suppossed PTS S/P SO graduates and it went something like this "Do you still see your 1.1 Gay Sister" .... Well I went off my rocker!!! My sister is the most musically talented, loving girl that set foot on this planet and is far from 1.1, I would never ever disconnect from her, she never once tried to pull me out of the Org and even forced herself to do courses and come to events because she loved me so much and wanted to support me no matter what I believed!!!! :omg:
The amount of arguments I had with Scio's about this subject was beyond a joke. I noticed she was Okay when she was giving out checks for courses, as soon as she wasn't....yep you guessed it its because of her "lifestyle".
Its so good to be out and away from the constant judgement of people in those Orgs.
I say be true to you as you are and you have this boards support 100%. Peace & Love Teckid:happydance: :party: :blowkiss: :flirt:


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Welcome Techkid :happydance:

Whom you are attracted to is a such a small part of who you are. I am glad to meet you, and thank you for sharing your story.

I look forward to seeing your posts & replies.