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Hi all


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So are you a yogi? I've been hard at it for a few years now and feel great. Along with the wife's great cooking and studies in nutrition, I feel like I've shed 20 years in the past three or four.
I assume that my username is why you ask.
Actually, no, I'm not a yogi per se but I do kind of lean in that direction.
I'm not really sure what being a "yogi" would entail or what yoga is all about and how it differs from Buddhism, Hinduism, etc., but I am interested in all of these subjects and what they offer.

I was reading a book several years ago on some related subject or another and there was a glossary in the back of it and I was checking out some of the words and their meanings and "namaste" was a word that really appealed to me.
By the definition in that book it meant, "I salute the god within you."
It has been one of my favorite words ever since.
I'm not sure that it is the best choice for a username but it's too late now anyway, lol.

I am glad to hear that it is going well for you and I hope you keep feeling great. :)
Been reading this for a few weeks and decided to join and participate. I joined the CO$ in the late 70s at the Santa Barbara mission. Did some Dianetics auditing (back then it came before the grades) and the objectives, attested to clear a couple years later, got trained at the Orange County org (in So Cal) in the mid 80s to class IV, Sr. Sec Checker and FPRD auditor. I joined staff just before Hubbard died. It took that (being on staff) to figure out what kind of organization this really was. When attending the big "event" and hearing Miss Cabbage talk bout how Hubbard was off researching the new OT levels, I had the cognition, that I think most of you here have had - the whole thing is a sham. I packed up and walked out a few days later. Fortunately when they came to recover me, my wog wife threatened them with a lawsuit, so I was declared PTS type A and remain to this day.

I was one of those PCs whose processing goes right by the book - (lots of case gain.... yeah, right) so I thought there was really something to the tech. Back pre-Internet there was very little information available on the truth about the organization and the OT levels so my only gauge was my own personal experiences. It took a few years to realize, like I read here, it's more a recreational drug than any permanent change in abilities and well being.

Like several others have mentioned - I too was always a fairly spiritual person. I believed in the power of intention and the mind. I have had many personal experiences before scio that convinced me of my ability to influence the outcome of events, especially my own experiences - making it go right, accomplishing what you set out to do, and so on, so scio seem to offer enhancements to that innate ability - well it didn't and in fact was probably a distraction - especially the horrors of being on staff.

So anyway, I've been out for many years. Nonetheless, I get three or four phone calls and about 10 pieces of mail a day. You gotta admire their TR3. I don't mind it though. I'm betting I can ignore them longer than they can keep asking if birds fly. Every piece of mail and phone call is time and money they don't have to give to someone else.

I've been occasionally reading some of the info on the Internet, and while I can relate to some of them, I never sunk to the depths that some here have - SO RPF and such, but I'm glad the truth is now coming out.

Anyway, happy to be aboard.

Hi. Just wanted to say Santa Barbara is one of my favorite places, and if it wasn't so expensive, I'd be living there. I loved what you said about "recreational drug".

But I'll take your bet about ignoring them longer ... you Do Know they keep calling and sending promo to Dead People, right? Scientologists reach out to Dead People and has done so for decades, lol. There is No Excuse not to "donate" !!!


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:welcome2::welcome2: BSM!

Got your PM and replied.....it's good to have you here!!! :happydance:

The greatest thing you can say about being on staff is, it feels so DAMNED GREAT when it's OVER!!!!!! :dancer: :buzzin: :dance3: :hifive: :party:


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I think this board and the internet in general is great. The 16 or 18 years or more after getting out - I was glad to be out, but just had the uncomfortable feeling of... What if I walked away from something really good and was missing out on the change to get some of the old "cleared theta clear" state of consciousness? Finding the truth pre-Internet was not easy, but now it's only a fraction of a second Google away.

I'm happy to make all of you're acquaintance and hope to both learn and contribute lots more here.