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Hi all

Tiger Lily

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:welcome: timoneer!

I always wondered what people thought about Scientologist coming up to them on the street with those questions. I did it myself a number of times!

Glad you found us!


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Hi timoneer! Welcome!!

If you are curious about all the front groups under different names, visit http://reaching4.info That's Reaching for The Tipping point, a place to educate exs and non-exs on all the scams Scientology has going on:)


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Hi timoneer! welcome!

I am always impressed by those who would put their head in the mouth of the lion, especially more than once and walk away totally unscathed! :thumbsup:


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..and BTW "When's the last time you had a haircut?"
that's what I wondered about too...:wink2:

But no matter your hairstyle or tone-scale, welcome aboard!