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Hi, everyone. I'm very glad to be here. I've been thinking about doing something like this for some time. I will try to be vague about exact times and events for obvious reasons. I was in Scientology Sea Org when I was 18 in the 70s. I disappeared 2 weeks before my high school graduation and my mother was looking for me for a year. I really regret that now. I met John Travolta before he got really famous and I know they are blackmailing him. I left the church when I went to a drugstore to read a paperback on cults and it said that Scientology resembled the book "1984" and that LRH was Big Brother. I had read the book by Orwell and I immediately made the connection and thus deprogrammed myself. It is so true, every little detail is like Scientology. I am in my 50s now and feel that they derailed my life. When I was kicked out because someone found out I was only 18 and my parents didn't know where I was ( they were worried about legal action) they said I had a "freeloader debt" and at the tender age of 18 I had to think of myself as a freeloader and as someone who was already in debt, and I didn't go to college right away like I would have if I didn't join The Sea Org. I already thought I was in debt so I felt bad about myself and now had an embarrassing secret. I naively told someone at my first real job that I was in Scientology and everyone laughed at me and it ruined the way people there thought of me for the years I worked there. I would do anything to stop these people. I've been thinking more about it recently because John Travolta's sex scandal has been in the news, and Tom Cruise's marital problems have been too. I am offering my services to anyone who thinks they can stop Scientology,I would like to help, but honestly I think it would take someone like John Travolta to come out against it. I think if I could see him privately I could talk him into it, I think he would remember me and I know so much about Scientology, I know their MOs and terminology and I could persuasively argue against it and also he is close to my age. I am open to any feedback from members here. And thank you very much to the person or people who started ESMB. Venuszeal.