Hi Everyone - +My story growing up

Yeah peanut allergy has definitely affected my life in many ways... I would say it has made me more aware, open to ideas, and other things.

Two years ago, my parents split up. She wanted him to be more involved and do ot7. Its easy to tell he didn't want to, but he was forced to, because in his words he didn't want to "lose his family and religion". My dad was nearly excommunicated or w/e from the church a few months back because they wanted him back on OT7 and he basically told them to go ef themselves. They now have him come in weekly on some course.

My mom is ot8 and remarried to a guy on ot7 and they are much more involved in the church. But both my parents have never been on staff at the orgs.

Thanks again for the welcomes :)
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Thanks for the welcomes. That is cool Opter, I'm happy for you three :)

I am deathly allergic to peanuts and last year I stopped eating all gluten products too. Fun :wink2:

I understand this one. I've had the deadly peanut allergy all my life and I had to stop heating gluten products too. It's not fun. I always kind of felt like a social outcast because I couldn't join in the fun and freely eat whatever was being served at luncheons or dinners or parties, and had to always ask what was in the food so that I wouldn't end up in the hospital. Nothing like feeling like a pain in the butt to a host or hostess or a cook or waiter, or with friends at a restaurant, because I had to grill them about the ingredients in the food and often couldn't eat what they were serving. It always made me feel like a wet blanket. I hated it. It spoiled my fun and kept me from being able to freely eat what everyone else was eating. I've learned to live with it, but I know it's a bother for the people around me and makes me uncomfortable socially.

It did keep me from going in the SO, though. I knew they often lived on peanut butter and I knew I would starve to death in the SO.

So, LVM, you're not alone.

What's the hold the CoS has over your father? Why doesn't he just walk away, since he's not with your mom anymore?
Yeah those are my feelings exactly, FoTi. Haha good to know im not alone on that. I wish I could go out where I want and eat without being worried. I am a very picky eater to begin with... So it can be difficult. I often find myself sticking with what I know rather than trying new things. Even though I like new things.

I'm not really sure why my Dad stays. Maybe he believes in everything the church has said to him? Or maybe he doesn't want to lose any friends or something. I really don't know. He has a girlfriend now who isn't a scientologist. He seems to be distancing himself but I can't really tell. I was hoping that they would excommunicate him, and when he was on the phone when they were trying to get him to go to flag, I wanted to tell the person myself to stop bugging him and some other swear words.

As for the SO... I hardly knew what SO stood for until about 2 weeks ago. My friend that I grew up with called me and wanted to get in touch with me (to recruit me). I was quick to say, sure... I thought that he wanted to hang out as friends before he went away. My other friend that they tried to recruit the week before noted to me after that they don't get to go do things like that in the Sea Org. And that he was calling me to get me interested in the Sea Org. Something which even two weeks ago, I knew I'd never do.

Later that night he called and said that he was on the way to my house. I could tell he was with someone, and it came clear to me that they were trying to recruit me. I told him I was out minigolfing with another friend of mine (I was at the time, though I could make it home in time to meet them) and I that I wasn't interested in doing it that night. I had plans of chilling and drinking that night, I also needed some time to think.

He proceeded to text/call me nonstop for the next 5 days or so which I ignored. Was kind of a dick move but I had to find answers out for myself. I've been doing a lot of research lately, and one thing leads to another. Now I'm here and have learned more about the CoS in the last two weeks than my entire life.


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Hi Lorenzo. You're cool. I like you already.

I hope you get to find out more about where your Dad is "at" about the CoS soon. It certainly sounds like he's not interested any more and wanting to slip away on the quiet.

Hey, there are some Anonymous in the Bay Area that you might click with. You wouldn't have to explain scientology to them. The guys at Santa Clara are way cool. They dance.


But don't ask them to sing. :no:


Keep reading. Remember, you're not alone.


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Welcome to the board and congrats on keeping out of scio and getting into college. Take your time to figure out what you want to do in life. I didn't know what I really wanted to do until I was about 24.

Find something that you like and work will be much more fulfilling.

Good luck and if you feel safe enough, share more of your story.