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I'm just here looking for people I may have known, as well as to talk to others with similar experiences. I was in the Sea Org on the Freewinds from 1994-2000, and from age 15-20. It's taken me awhile to get to the point where I'm more willing to talk about my experiences publicly, but since I still have one family member involved in the church, it has been tricky to know how public I'd like to be.

Anyway, if anyone was on the ship or possibly at Flag around the time I mentioned, I may have known you! I would love to get in touch. I was a nerdy looking redheaded girl with glasses, just to jog anyone's memory. :)

And for some background: I joined the SO when I was 15, after graduating from an Applied Scholastics school on my 15th birthday. After five years on the ship, often being overworked and unhappy, the last straw came when an LOA that I had planned for months was suddenly denied after having been approved. I was 20 at the time and had planned on going on a family vacation with my parents and little brother and sister. After this occurred, I ended up blowing for ten days and then routing out, which took about six months and only ended up happening after I threatened to kill myself, something I had no intention of doing, but something I knew would finally get me out. In fact, the security guard (and friend) that escorted me to the airport when I was leaving, said something to the effect of, "You never really wanted to hurt yourself, did you?". He was right, but I knew of no other way to be able to leave.

There's more to my story, but I'll leave it at that. I hope to reconnect with some of the good people I had the pleasure of knowing then.

Spittingwisdom :welcome:.

Smart move you threatening to kill yourself. It seems to work every time. You must have sounded very convincing too. :biggrin:


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Imagine a "Church" so abusive, so full of thuggery and overwhelm, so much of a bully, stuck in domination and punishment, that FLEEING Sea Org members have to

1) threaten suicide to leave
2) Call Law enforcement to help them escape
3) be driven mad (mental breakdown) in their "handlings"

It is a grim picture.

Karen, I just read those two stories you linked to. :omg:
I'm going to cross-post at least one of them onto the board.
That Sea Org members who dedicated their lives to the cause were treated in this way is really insane. :angry:


Welcome spittingwisdom!!! I hope you do get to re-connect with old friends and make new ones in the process on here. This forum is filled with amazing people who are sympathetic, compassionate, understanding, non-judgemental, and always willing to lend a helping hand! Over time I hope you will consider this place to be a "comfort zone" as I have. :welcome2::welcome2: