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Hi, I am new here.

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Hi, I am new here.

I posted a video on you tube. That took some courage. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfl1sf6MXrM

I had 6 up, but thought I sounded boring, I was getting upset just 'reliving' the incidents, but we are getting some TA here! I got some nasty email, took my first videos down, which had my face showing plain as day. And found it hard to talk to a video camera. Then I did it AGAIN, took that down, then changed you tube ID's, made a new account, then did my video AGAIN, with my little pink heart, instead of facing the camera.... It's a hard subject. Thinking of what I was going to say... so much to cover, I need to take one piece at a time, call it therapy! Let's face it, not a good movie maker, either.

Not to sound like some sort of victim, but we are talking about one thing after another, for years. It's been quiet, for years.

But I got to thinking, no, I don't want any future with this group. I dont approve of all the tech changes either. Tired of buying all new books, AGAIN.

threw EVERYTHING out. yeppers, everything.

I am shocked to see so many out. God knows how many?

I dont have TV since Feb 1990, (because of mountains and no cable, and then down here in Fl, I am not going to PAY for TV) - so miss the news, if it wasn't for the internet I wouldnt have seen sooooooooooo much about the church! I have been so isolated.

My x-scientologist (over 20 yrs) friend, that I just found again, told me about Marty Rathbun on TV, there's so much in the media now about the church - I said really???? So I googled it.

wow. Wow.

When I made my decision, it was hard, cause I still have some family in. But I wrote the church I quit, and my reasons, all in writing, knowing the declare is coming.

In my heart, I quit a few years ago. But kept the front up for the sake of my oldest and married kid. Still got a young one in school. It was hard - but I didnt just want to slink off - NOT to make anyone else wrong here. I wanted to make a clean break. Declare my stand point to the world, and church.

It is a long string of entheta experience in the church, not just towards me but family, and friends too.

I am tired of always having these things come up, like being screamed at in a restaurant, by some welling meaning, person whom called himself, a "scientologist", cause I didnt have money for bridge? Giving me lower conditions...sick of it.

When I made my decision, it felt like an onion peeling, like so many realities stuck over top of me.

I found out me was stronger, since I am perceiving all that junk, as not me...hehe.

I hope my kid will be alright.
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Kha Khan

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When I made my decision, it was hard, cause I still have some family in.
Oh, and one last reply before I go for the night.

You might want to look at the thread:
Fiona is loved.

The thread deals with a family which has left the COS but still has a daughter inside the COS (in their case, in the Sea Org). I suspect you may have issues and concerns in common.



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Welcome Double "O" 7 :) Good on your friend telling you too:happydance:

Hope your family is out soon also. It is becoming more probable every day.


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Welcome to the board. If you havent already spend a couple of days reading the posts youll feel better and better cus your amoung some of the greatest people in the world.


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Glad you made it over here. I saw your earlier videos, and thought you were very brave to do that, so I'm glad you re-did them.

Thanks for sharing your story.


Well Done, power to you, I love your Integrity and bravery.
I hope all goes well with your children and they see the CoS for what it really is.
well done.


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:welcome: to the board, Integrity007.

I watched your video. Thank-you for speaking out. Every person who adds their voice to the calls for justice helps someone else who is still trapped inside.

You will find a lot of support here. Many people have gone through leaving Scientology. It is quite an experience. But you come out stronger and wiser.

Wisened One

Oh HI there, theintegrity007! :hug:

Soooo happy you came over here! :yes: You are now no longer 'isolated' you now have a whole bunch of exes as new friends! :)



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:welcome: , integrity. Thanks for sharing your videos. You'll find a lot of nice people here!



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You'll find a whole range of people to talk to here if you feel like it. Some of us were never in, if you want that perspective. There are people who knew LRH personally, all kinds, and you may find you enjoy talking to them.

I'm happy that you're not letting the church mistreat you anymore. I'm interested in more about your opinions on brainwashing vis a vis the church of scientology.

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Hey good to have you here. :thumbsup:

I am sure you will find this message board to be of great help in moving forward in your life without scientology.



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:welcome: ti007!

With a child still in, I'm sure your decision to formally resign was not an easy one, but your departure may make it easier for him/her to decide to leave as well.


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:welcome: TI007! I love your two week notice. I wish I had thought of that. :D

It is overwhelming to get out and realize what is on the internet and how many are out. I joined ESMB a little over a year ago and I'm still reeling. :)


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Hi. And welcome. I watched your 6 part vid yesterday and I felt what you were saying. Especially when it came to your experiences with IJC.. Weird.


Thank you for all your kind words.

I will get the rest of the story up again. Maybe from a different approach - more from common civil righs, instead of too much emotion, like a lawyer. But much shorter and concise.
Such a betrayal of trust, hard to talk about, so many details to go over, making it harder to get it down, piece by piece I think is best.