Hidden-camera investigation of Scientology in Quebec


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On Friday, Feb. 25, 2011, a one-hour hidden-camera investigation will be broadcast in French at 7 P.M. on the TVA network in Montreal. The name of the program is JE (Journalisme d'enquête = "Investigative Journalism") and it exposes scams and injustices. The program usually features 3 segments on different subjects, but the entire program will be devoted to Scientology.

The program is simulcast on the network's website:

Here is a 15-second promo for the program with English subtitles:
Hidden-camera investigation of Scientology in Quebec (Promo)

Edit (March 3, 2011):

Now on YouTube with English subtitles:
Scientology: TVA — "J.E chez les scientologues" (with English subtitles) (1/4)
Scientology: TVA — "J.E chez les scientologues" (with English subtitles) (2/4)
Scientology: TVA — "J.E chez les scientologues" (with English subtitles) (3/4)
Scientology: TVA — "J.E chez les scientologues" (with English subtitles) (4/4)
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It just keeps on coming, doesn't it? This is excellent news. Another sizable nail in the coffin of Hubbardism, I expect.

(My French is far from perfect, and I might miss some of the nuances in the report. Can we expect subtitles throughout?) Anyway, please let us know when it's available on-line.


Boy, they really are the bad news story of the times! :thumbsup::dieslaughing:

I think this presages major wounds being inflicted on them and their continuing scam and misbehavior. I predict this also leading to political action that will constrain them.



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Thanks to Canadian Anons and David Love and Paul Haggis for push push pushing the issue there! Can't wait to see this!


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French Article in Journal de Montréal, Fri. Feb. 25, 2011

Translation of a French article published on Feb. 25, 2011 in the Montreal daily tabloid Journal de Montreal. A snaphot appears below.

The article is also available online in French at the Journal de Québec's website:

"JE" Infiltrates the Church of Scientology

Followers spend thousands of dollars taking courses to "clear" their mind

The TVA network's "JE" program successfully infiltrated the Church of Scientology of Montreal. Two of the team's female collaborators obtained their official membership cards. The reports, which will be broadcast tonight at 7 P.M., show how potential converts are quickly drawn in by the Church.


They are then routed toward a series of Scientology courses that are supposed to lead them to the state of "clear", which means rid of past traumas.

According to the doctrine established in 1954 by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, these traumas leave traces that prevent individuals from being perfectly happy and achieving their potential.

Only the rigorous application of Scientology techniques can supposedly eliminate them one by one. To do this, a Scientologist must spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and take an imposing number of courses and training programs.

During the four months they spent in the movement, the two "JE" collaborators took two of these courses. They also attended a two-day Dianetics seminar.

Communication exercises

In the communication course, they had to do several exercises that were, to say the least, surprising. "We were sitting face to face and we had to stare at each other without laughing for a good while. The goal is to be able to withstand the gaze of others," one of them explained.

In another exercise, again face to face, "I had to repeat a number, say 33 or 44, until the other person understood the meaning of my message by my intonation."

What the "JE" team members found most trying is the Dianetics weekend, two long days during which they were introduced to auditing, a technique reminiscent of hypnosis, where the auditor, by asking questions, helps the person being audited relive traumas to erase them from her memory.

You get caught up in your story

The experience left them feeling shaken. "You're so caught up in your story, your eyes are closed, you see things as though you were watching a movie where you are the hero and you are saying what you see," said one of the "JE" collaborators.

"The auditor asks you to touch things. You become very focused on textures, smells, sounds, and how you feel. The auditor asks you to you to concentrate on your pain. You have to experience the pain vividly." When it's over, the auditor counts down from 5 to 0 and snaps his fingers, as in hypnosis.

This edition of the "JE" program is entirely devoted to Scientology and it also shows how the Church uses organizations that claim to be independent to promote its ideas and propagate them among different segments of society.

Scan of the article from the Journal de Montreal, Friday, February 25, 2011:


What a great thing to wake up too :happydance:

4 months, wow, that is dedication, hopefully they have no lasting ill effects!



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Nice reporting

4 months is hardly enough time to get a job working in scio company or have your kid get hard core regged for the sea org. :confused2: 4 months could be enough time for someone to question their friends and family "intentions". :duh: 4 months gets you intro feel good stuff but not enough of the pressure. :unsure: I wonder if they attended events? It's tough to explain "gazing" at someone or "touching" things. I would hope that the connection between indoctrination and eventual deconstruction is represented in this expose. :yes: I still struggle to articulate it myself in here! That is what is needed to really enlighten people.

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Good. The more exposure the more their source of income from new people is shut down.

Oh, anybody know why DM needs a bullet proof SUV - is he as paranoid as the old man was?


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Should be beaming into the homes of Montreal as I type. Fingers crossed for a capture and English subtitles some time soon.
I can hear Tommy Davis now,
Tommy Davis said:
of all the things this program could have covered they unfortunately choose to cover part of the 99.99% of Scientology which is either criminal or batshit crazy. They could have called us or stopped into an Org and discussed the 0.01% of Scientology which is not as bad as you think, but they chose not to. It just more one-sided bigoted reporting only focusing our our abusive criminality