High Crimes Exposed - Bill Franks Interview

Check out this video on YouTube:

Bill Franks was in the SO for a little under 14 years. He attained the rank of Lt. Commander through promotions only by Hubbard. He was OEC and FEBC (trained by Hubbard), HSDC, Class IX when he left in December 27 1981, as well as DSEC and NOTs auditor. He was OT IV plus NOTs.

For the really key stuff, fast forward to 13 minutes and 25 seconds to hear about how Bill Franks along with David Miscavige set up Mary Sue Hubbard to take the fall for Operation Snow White. Continue listening up to the 17 minutes and 40 seconds mark to hear about how Bill Franks came across some files while he was in the CofS detailing the murder plots of certain Members of Parliament. He states that he knows that one of them for sure was killed. He won't name him, but he reveals that it was done in 1979 and that this target was in the House of Commons. Note: Airey Neave was killed on 30 March 1979, when a magnetic car bomb fitted with a ball bearing tilt switch exploded under his car as he drove out of the Palace of Westminster car park (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airey_Neave#Death).

If you are a CofS OSA type reading this, please take an honest look at this data and an honest look at Scientology. Then please, "think for yourself."
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