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Hollywood global protest, June 13th 2009


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Here is the link to the actual thread on WWP. Most people that were there will post their pics and videos to it. Several are still being edited, so visit again.

Basically, the scientologists had stress test tables at the testing center near HGB and Longsign...and most weekends, Longsign has nothing. We assume part of the reason was to draw us away from ASI which was the focus of the protest. Our last protest at ASI had them erecting volunteer minister tents at Longsign...but we had enough people to be at both places at the same time. In addition, the last time we protested ASI, the scientologists had a FilmLA permit to try and block the sidewalk. They were not filming, it was an abuse of the system, and through the hard work of "Mark Lowell" FilmLA was warned of this. There was no sidewalk blockage this time. Scientology probably just decided not to apply as it does cost a bit of money, and would be pointless.

After the main protest at ASI ended near 8pm, many people left but about 1/3 of the protesters spent the rest of the evening dropping by LongSign (which closed literally minutes before we arrived. We could see one the body routers taking off down the street). We then proceeded to the Testing Center, which shut down and had all inside retreat to an area where we could not see them. The guards from HGD, Frank and Andy then showed up and didn't do much. Then Patty arrived. She is a bit of a grouch. After a time, we continued on to HGB, and I could see shadows posting notices on the inside of doors, I presume warning people not the exit the building. Poor Andy and Frank had to follow us!

Then we went by the Testing Center again, and Tim joined Patty..then the handler we call Band Aid Nose Guy showed. They were all quiet and boring.

So the next stop was to be ASI again to catch people leaving after the show possibly. We announced this loudly, and started walking. But then we decided to eat instead. We did get a chance to see the guards quickly heading towards ASI without seeing us on the other side of Hollywood Blvd. Poor fellas.

A few pics from the thread.