Holy Shite! Mike Rowe is in on it! Hired Spanky Taylor


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His short write-up is really spot-on and worth the read. I really like him....used to watch his show (Dirty Jobs). Smart guy with a great sense of humor. His post on Facebook has received TONS of Likes. (95,000 LIKES! 16,000 SHARES! AWESOME COMMENTS!)
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Outstanding!! The hits keep coming and coming and coming.

Mike Rowe is a beloved TV personality...standing up for all of the people who make the machine that is modern civilization run. His message will reach millions.

The cult justly deserves all of the ridicule, derision and bad press they are receiving.


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Yeah, this goes blue collar, now. Mike has an immense following among the people whose type of work he celebrates. I was worried that Going Clear would only get traction among the chattering classes, but this helps the message penetrate social circles I thought would completely ignore the controversy.

Good on Mike!