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Homosexuals- Treatment of in Scientology


Hello Y'all!

I would like a little help regarding the pic of gays in Scientology. This subject has been brought up to me by a Scn friend, and I am looking for additional first hand data.

I will post a couple of quotes from the email I got and if anyone has any personal experiences about it I would like to know. Thank you!

Chris Eisenman

"There is a Yahoo Group for Gay and Lesbian Scientologists run by a gay activist who is also a Class IV auditor, has been a staff member, and very active in Scientology and the gay community... On that site, there are a number of LRH quotes about gays which give more depth to the subject than the single sentence critics always quote from Science of Survival." (note: I couldn't find it)

"International Management became concerned about the whole gay issue and so did a comprehensive search on everything Hubbard said on the subject. They found quotes like: "Homosexuality is about as serious as sneezes." In other words, just about irrelevant as far as LRH is concerned. He also said he wondered why more people weren't homosexual considering they'd lived past lives of both sexes and could easily get stuck in identities that didn't match with the current body. He equates homosexuality with anything else that might be "case", no more or less important.

Once they put this pack together, they compared LRH's liberal stance on the subject to that of the Bible and other religious texts, which are much, much more harsh, and sent it out to every single org so the orgs would have the information.

When we did our "Human Rights" multathlon through Los Angeles, we ran through the gay community in West LA and carried a Rainbow flag proudly at the head of the contigent, and also stopped there and spoke about human rights."


Read Science of Survival, Papabear. Hubbard's opinion is that homosexuals should be killed without remorse, if they cannot cease being gay through "processing".

Scios can butter it up all they want, but Hubbard thought gay people were "1.1" on the Tone Scale, and he thought people that low on the tone scale should be done away with "quietly and without sorrow".

Kathy (ImOut)

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I know they were very intolerant of gays at one point. I had a gay friend that was in Scn and was getting auditing to get over it.

Back in 1993 there was a very obviously gay guy that attested to Clear.

In about 2000 or 2001 I was in communication with a guy in NY (not gay) that said the gays at NY Org were very open about being gay and weren't trying to get it handled.

Then in 2003 or 2004 when they started letting people put their own covers on TWTH, they were letting openly gay people do so.

Science of Survival says what it says, but the CofS acts very differently towards gays than how they did when I got in in 1987.


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How far will they go to look like normal folks?

It's all a masquerade designed to con, they don't like gays, hubbard hated them, he was overheard to say, "I hope the fucking faggot drowns," when John McMaster got overboarded, and typicaly assumed that all gays were effeminates living at home with their mommy, the scientology cult will say anything to look acceptable, don't be fooled.


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We had an old gay guy that used to hang around the org. We would take his money for books. We would let him help out at events. We would let him take all the basic courses he wanted. But, there was no way he was going to go up the bridge as long as he was a practicing homosexual.


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I remember it being common knowledge as staff that gays were "definitely 1.1" and not to be trusted. There was one gay woman on-lines who did a lot of dianetics and was friends with the head of Div 6. She was sneered at a lot behind her back by staff who thought she should get auditing to "fix" it. She wore leather jackets and a short hair, and I heard staff say she was simply "dramatising case" to dress like that.

La La Lou Lou

If Gay people are seen as 1.1 and so not allowed on lines how about any straight PC's that are 1.1 on the tone scale or bellow?

Or could it simply be homophobia.

Maybe it's just that Iv'e never met a gay person who suddenly became straight after auditing. I know people who stopped having gay relationships for a bit, but that's not the same thing. Gay people were not allowed because it would prove the tech didn't work, or worse still that the 'pervert's had no aberration to handle.


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I consider myself a bit of an expert in this subject because I am an openly gay ex-Scio and count an openly gay attorney (Graham Berry) as a dear friend.

Scientology is notoriously hateful & hostile towards homosexuality and the gay community in general. As many an ex-Scio can tell you, there is a HUGE disconnect between what Scientology purports to be the facts from a purely PR and marketing/profitability front ("Show me the money..") and what they truly believe and put out to it's subservient members.

Keith Relkin, a 2nd generation Scientologist tried to pull a charade on the public when he proclaimed himself to be a happy, productive, openly gay Scientologist: http://www.liveandgrow.org/fab-scn.html

I posted a history on Keith and his efforts to decieve:


Interestingly, a member of Keith's "Clear Rainbow" Yahoo! group (long disbanded) was Rex Fowler, the OTVII owner of Fowler Software, awaiting trial on 1st degree murder charges in Denver, CO. Rex posted as "OT Cowboy".

Scientology's hatred of homsexuals is clearly apparent in the dead agenting & Fair Game tactics I was exposed to when I spoke out against the cult. The same happened to Graham Berry. Our sexual orientation became a focal point in OSA's flagrant attempts to use it as a means to accuse us of being child molesters, deliberately infecting others with AIDS, and engaging in bestiality, etc. solely intended to slander and demean. (I am HIV+; Graham Berry is not).

I continue to get emails from people about Scientology's official take on homosexuality. Obviously, the cult's PR attempts to distance themselves from how they truly feel about it, continues to confuse & befuddle people today. Honestly, I get quite tired of talking about it and trying to explain the two sides of the organization.


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Public Attitude

A gay son of a Scientologist told me his step mom tole him that he was stuck in a past life as a woman.



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Clear Rainbow?

As a gay, Clear Rainbow denied me membership because I question the $cheme.

It's like that Woody Allen joke in Annie Hall, quoting Marx Bros, that he wouldn't belong to any club that would have someone like him for a member.

Except it's worse!! I can't even belong to a club that should have someone like me for a member.


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If Rex Fowler was part of Clear Rainbow, then here is evidence of someone going psychotic with conflicting sexuality.

The AMA and APA ruled out homosexuality as a possible mental illness decades ago. Treating it like it is might be nutty.

The Great Zorg

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As far as I know, sexuality is the most confused area of the human condition. There has been a lot of research in this area in the last few decades (Kinsey, et al?) and being gay does NOT mean a desire to be a woman. Nor is it a desire to dress like a woman. Nor is it a desire to become a woman. A gay man is a man who is fine with being a man that prefers sexual activities and relationships with other men. The same is apparently true for lesbians (with, of course, the gender corrections).

I have heard of, practised and witnessed our innate human drive to pigeon-hole everything and anything. I don't know why we do this as a species, but we do, constantly.

I think that hubbard jumped on this peculiar trait of people and skewed it towards his mind bending by concocting the 'everything=everything' lie: when we fall into the trap of attempting to pigeon-hole in order to understand something we can easily be led down the clam path of erroneously practising 'a=a'.

Just me 2¢ worth maties!


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Vital Fact: Quentin Hubbard was gay. Quentin committed suicide.

To Gays: Enjoy being gay. (That's why they call it gay.)

The Great Zorg

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Vital Fact: Quentin Hubbard was gay. Quentin committed suicide.
To Gays: Enjoy being gay. (That's why they call it gay.)

Gay or not, humankind seems to have lost a good soul the day Quentin took his life (or the day it was taken from him).

In a mystical light, I wonder why Quentin ever signed up to becoming the son of the big clam! What lesson did he believe he needed to learn? Perhaps someday I will ask him, when my journey here on this crazy rock is over.


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Vital Fact: Quentin Hubbard was gay. Quentin committed suicide.

To Gays: Enjoy being gay. (That's why they call it gay.)

Vital Statistic: #1 in teen suicide is gays. this claptrap doesn't help.

Interfering with someone's homo/heterosexuality is just wrong!