Horror Stories

I was just searching "Narconon" here and was reading a post about the Execs being out ethics. Here is what it made me initially think of:

I went to, graduated from, and finally worked at (100+ hours or more per week) Narconon Southern California. (Newport beach and Warner Springs) The execs were SO freakin' out ethics it was miserable.
I was by the way, on staff the day after I graduated - helping grown people detox, come off of drugs and oh yeah - course sup just hours after I graduated myself. I didnt know crap at the time, but was course suping for addicts who just paid $25,000 to come to a rehab to have professionals help them. By the time I graduated Narconon - which took me 4 months - (42 Sauna days included) I saw 19 staff (including the reg and some ethics officers) either blow, get fired, arrested, and 2 overdose and die.
The women who reg'd my parents to get me there - by the end of the first week I was there, she was holed up in her apt. drunk on Listerine. I could not tell my parents this, and I withheld it from them, not to upset them. It was MADNESS!
Ive had dreams of sneaking up to the beat up trailer (which is out o n the open, unlocked) and taking my PC folder...All of the other staff would go up there, smoke cig's and read PC folders at night for fun. I thought it was disgusting.
I have a lot to get off my chest, sheeeit. Im just getting started.
The 2nd day I was there I found a tech dictionary...UNDER MY BED! That caused quite a stir...

I would love to hear more from other ex-Narcononers too! Lets swap stories!

Thanks to this forum for making me feel welcome. Lots of love here.


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Welcome BG! I am impressed with how sort of happy you sound, while telling a story that sounds to me like a HUGE betrayal! To be promised one thing and to then discover the kinds of things that you did is dreadful! We are ALL pleased to see you out here, hopefully surviving very well!


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welcome BGF I worked in San Francisco for Narconon in 1972 for about 2 months. There was just 2 of us. The ED and me I was supposed to be a course supervisor. I did it as a volenteer as 1w service rather than go get killed in Viet Nam.

The leased building South of Market would hold 60 but was empty. The place was decrepid. We had 4 tables 5 broken down old kitchen chairs a wooden desk a filing cabinet a Roledex and a phone.

We had one wino start the com course. He stayed 2 days and blew. This was before the purif. I had to pay my own way to ride the train 100miles round trip. Well I ran out of money for travel and had to find a job in hospital food prep closer to home.

We did have one protester duck his head inside the door and tell us it was a sham to get PR for Scientology so they could rip off the people. The ED told him he was a fkn DB and to get the hell out.

I agreed with the protester It was a PR front. I just stayed in Scientology because I wanted to find out if CLEAR was worth all the money and hassle like they told us it was. Well it wasnt what I expected. I actually didn't feel much had changed.


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The only person I personally knew who did the Narconon program started an orgy in the sauna - twice. narconon L.A., not sure which one.


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Welcome Basically Good! It's great to read your story. Who was the ED of Narconon when you were there? I know someone who told me they were the ED of Narconon in Southern CA, but I don't know if there is more than one, or one big one, or what. When you're ready, I'd love to read more! :yes:


:welcome: BG, keep the story going ! :drama:
I have a good mate who has been 'out' for a long time who recounted similar stories, he was part of setting up a Nar-CON-on in the early days in CA I believe. Things like selling staff selling drugs to the patients/victims, wild parties, opportunistic sex, unhealthy choices, mixed with Lron drivel and a firm sense of wtf, wtf,wtf. Nothing surprises me about CoS fronts and their attempts to suck money out of people.
I met a young man (in his late 20's, erm, young to me) a couple of summers ago whose parents spent 28k to get him cleaned up at a facility here in B.C.. After about 2 weeks of bullshit (saunas, and crap food etc. etc.) he said he'd had enough and ran for his life, cleaned himself up, and never looked back since (he was a nice fellow btw). He said the NA bs had nothing to do with it, and that they were way more fk'd up than he was at the time, I am inclined to believe it.
Do tell us some more!


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:welcome: BGF.

Was staff at Narconon on and off from 2002 to 2008 - yes, there's a lot of insantiy there.:yes:

Would love to hear more of your stories. :drama:


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E-meter use in Narconon?

Thx, OP. Some anons discovered that a 1099 for Socal Narconon listed an e-meter as one of their assets. Presumably the cult's "religious artificat" is illegal in a secular, non-profit organization like Narconon, particularly when a
Federal Court has strictly limited use to bona fide religious counseling.

I would appreciate you and others sharing info about e-meter use in Narconon. Thx.


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Welcome BG. Looks like you found a way out though. Betrayal is rife throughout Scn, so don't feel alone.