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How has the real estate crash affected the Church of Scientology?

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How has the real estate crash affected the Church of Scientology?

The following post by Mike Rinder on Marty's blog raises the issue: Scientology Idle Org Strategy: a sad tale:
Following are excerpts from a recent Church of Mest promo piece:

In 2006 we purchased the former Santa Ana Performing Arts building in downtown Santa Ana for 6.2 million dollars as the new expanded home for our central church in Orange County. It is a home to service us and our families, friends and neighbors up The Bridge to Total Freedom and a new golden civilization for Orange County.


Thus we do have a building. But it is incomplete. It needs to be renovated to our Ideal Org standards. Why is renovation not started and completed?

At the time we purchased the building, it was stated that funding for our building was complete. Why? The plan was to sell our current building, This would provide the money needed to renovate the build to our ideal standards.

Times do change. Since then, the real estate market has crashed and the valid and available buyers reduced with the economy. The current church facility has not yet sold. Thus our purpose in creating a new ideal church facility is slowed due to a lack of funding. Also the Public Division spaces have been re-designed based on upcoming releases and testing of designs in current Ideal Orgs.

The evolution is complete and we have the go ahead. We need to go straight up and vertical and occupy our building so we have not an Ideal Org building but an Ideal Organization and all that it means.
6.2 million dollars spent for a new building in 2006, near the height of real estate market. I wonder what the new building is worth now?

The new building stands empty four years later.

I wonder what their old building is worth?

And, yes, public Scientologists are now required to contribute for the necessary renovations. How else can they have "not an Ideal Org building but an Ideal Organization and all that it means?"

WWP Thread: How has the real estate crash affected the Church of Scientology?

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It dawned on me when the whole Jett Travolta thing happened that this is a luxury cult. Something to spend money on when you have money to spend. And that's all it is for the mega rich. Something to convince yourself as to what a great guy you are since you throw money at "the greatest good". But when the shit really hits the fan scientology will be nowhere to be found.
The real estate crash has affect the Church's income too. It was quite common for Scientologists to refinance their houses or take out 2nd mortgages to pay for services. I know of one Scientologists who had four mortgages on their house. I don't know how they did it legally.

I've know of a lot of Scientologists who have had their homes and commercial properties foreclosed.

They've got to be hurting bad.

The Anabaptist Jacques


Later he says that it would be wonderfull if the orgs were filling up as that would mean standard tech was being delivered.

Standard tech is being delivered. That's why the orgs are empty.

Standard tech is "Empty your pockets of all you're money."

The only difference is DM exchanges nothing for the money.