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How I got My Money back from Scientology


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You're most welcome, Feral and Imout!

I'm sooooooooooooo happy this info helped you, and I seriously hope it's
passed on and more and more people DO get an attorney (Pre-Paid Legal
is only $20-30----explain it to them, and let THEM write the letter. As I said,
It's a SAVINGS account!).

First off, it's really none of your business what my finances were, or who paid
However, this happens to be a VERY personal issue to me, as I paid for ALL
of what I asked for back, re ASHO. I worked for many years to pay for the Briefing Course, from my own business, which you wouldn't know if you only read the black PR the "Church" :puke2: says.

I.A.S.---each person has a personal account, as far as I know. Where the money came from----C of S doesn't care---as long as they get the $$.
Since it was MY account, and they didn't deliver (TO ME) what they promised, they returned it. Don't forget: INTEREST: It's YOUR $$$----they have it.

It's much smarter to just give it back---as holding on, I'm pretty sure a Judge would vote they pay the interest, but that's to be looked into more. I mentioned it and think it's WAY worth it to do so.


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Wow Tory, great info!

I hope many get their money back!

And yeah, wonder why the Teller treated the check like that....:lol:

Guess he/she didn't want their 'cooties', eh? :p


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Wisened One...

See my earlier response to that. I don't think it had anything to do with
THEY having cooties, but more intentional attempt to introvert me, scare me,
as it was SO weird, and he seemed quite odd, too.

It FELT like the teller was "in" with C of S. Also, it felt like this wasn't the
first time they'd done that...which is why I mentioned it, also.

Anyone else got their money back? When you cashed the check---was there any such actions? Just curious.

My best :)