How it really feels in a scientology family.

Free to shine

Shiny & Free
I feel so sad, Free to Shine, reading this. It is a heartfelt story - and plea - for some sanity within your torn and broken family. I hope one of them will wake up - and then wake the others. I hope this story touches more scn-os than just your family. I hope one day a reconnection will happen for you.

I am glad you have moved on though. You can't sit around waiting for it. And move on you have - You are free to shine, You Crazy Diamond :)
And Diamond you are - a thousand facets, gleaming with life - and love. :thumbsup: You are not alone. :console::hug: :bighug:

Edit: PS: Oh gees, I have read the rest of the posts to here, and feel the tears coming on. These last few days on ESMB have had some of the saddest stories posted up. My heart hurts in my chest.

Don't let your heart hurt, let your words sing (as they do) to let all the people who perhaps read this and don't post, know we do care about them too.

The funny thing is that for most of my life I didn't know my family wasn't 'normal' was only normal within the bubble.

ps - thanks Arthur!