How many people are being spied on by Dave?

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I'm wondering if it's possible to create a list of people who are known to be the targets of scientology spying. It may be very hard to compile a complete list because they're gathering information on so many people, not all of whom are or have ever been scientologists.

But it should be possible to assemble a partial list. Would those who know of current spying be willing to contribute to the list?

I can conjecture the following. Not all spying has to be done by private detectives, of course. Evidently Tom Cruise has spies within his household. So here goes:

1. Mark Rathbun. Even though he's moved to a more private location, I'd bet that there's still an active effort to gain private information about him from banks, credit card companies, etc.

2. Mike Rinder. I think he caught a trash collector selling his trash recently. I wonder if the sanitation worker lost his job after he was videoed doing that.

3. Pat Broeker. I wonder if the private detectives who were paid off to stop them from revealing any more about the decades of work they did spying on Pat are still on the job, or if they were paid enough to retire on. Or were paid and instructed to stop surveilling Pat. Of course, Miscavige could simply have hired a new company to take over. It's hard to imagine Miscavige having the sanity to realize that Broeker is no threat.

4. The Headleys, Marc and Claire.

5. Tom Cruise, Bella, Connor and family.

6. Katie Holmes and family. It's hard to imagine they'd let go of her after she gave them a black eye by escaping, supposedly without advance warning. That means either she outsmarted them or they knew she was a flight risk but Tom wanted to play the victim card by claiming to be surprised and hurt.

7. Nicole Kidman.

8. Mimi Rodgers.

9. John Travolta and family. What about all those masseurs and the pilot with whom he (allegedly) had an affair for six years? Do they fall into the "enemy of scientology" category? Or is John left to his own devices to harass them?

10. Paul Haggis.

11. Debby Cook.

12. Miscavige family, extended: DM's father, brother and sister-in-law, Jenna and her brother...

13. Yvonne Jentzsch.

14. Will Smith and family.

15. Lawrence Wright.

16. Nazanin Boniadi.
[/h]17. Maureen Orth.

18. Rupert Murdock.

19. Various prominent actors who are currently scientologists.

20. Various politicians who may or may not be friendly to scientology.

I'm running out of ideas. Assuming that much of this spying costs money, I wonder what the spying budget is? Certainly tens of millions. Maybe hundreds of millions? And then there's the legal fees associated with all of the law suits. So those two expenses alone may be among the biggest operating costs for the church.

One more wondering: does the church ever lose interest in any of its spying victims and call off the paid dogs? Or do they make a lifetime commitment? If anyone out there knows the answer to these questions, I'd be fascinated to hear.


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Educated guess:

1. Annual spying / PIs budget might be as high as $10 - $20 million. Or lower.

2. Annual legal budget is at least $20 million and maybe three times that much.


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Wow. they surely must spend a lot Why would they hire PIs when they could just use the able OTs to spy on Theodore Babbit to rifle through his filing cabinets regarding the Garcia case. Oh wait Super Power is not open yet due to the expensive Fiduciary fraud.


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One more wondering: does the church ever lose interest in any of its spying victims and call off the paid dogs? Or do they make a lifetime commitment? If anyone out there knows the answer to these questions, I'd be fascinated to hear.

#1. When you say 'the church' you mean 'David Miscaviage'. For the two are one. At least until the next 'Hub, DM, fill in the blank, takes over the international corporation, racket.

#2. No one here knows the extent of David Miscaviage's present insanity. Historically we can collectively assume his insanity is nonetheless ever-expanding. Untreated.



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If Scientology had consistently:

Donated all the spying, stalking and harming money to Doctors without Borders, UNICEF etc.
Spent money and time training their VM's to actually be real world helpful with rescue training.
Become major sponsors of rehab centres that are staffed by professionals with fully recognised qualifications
Funded AIDS or cancer research at universities...

I believe it would be unlikely that the devastating books and articles would have made much of an impact at all.
I like the thought that the PI's employed to help Scientology survive, were its gravediggers instead. And it is waaaay too late to change tactics without widespread suspicion.


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There are two kinds of private investigator: the noisy ones and the quiet ones. Scientology certainly employs the former; and probably the latter. They also have two more facets to their dirty tricks: stupid public Scientologists who can be persuaded to do stupid things to 'defend' their 'church' (like John Allender) and a cadre of full-time bogeymen (OSA, although now greatly diminished from what it once was).

Noisy private eyes are dumb thugs, and come cheap. They're not particularly good at their trade, because a PI is less useful once he's well known.

Quiet private eyes are expensive. They must be costing Scientology a fortune. Big teams of people, a fleet of vehicles, long-term ops to get close to the victim. Start at 750,000 a year, per target.

Dumb clam volunteers are free - and useless. A stupid tactic that hurts the cult more than the victim.

OSA costs the same whether you unleash them or not. A two-edged sword though, as membership seems to be a bit porous nowadays. Plus their passion (and bad leadership) can lead to stupid decisions - and footbullets.