How much does DM and exec make?


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I always wondered how much they make? Any old payroll officers out there? I know when I was in, it was nothing. And my family got very little while at INT as our other half of our family would have to constantly give them money.

I remember for "Events" we had to wear normal evening dresses that cost a lot for us S.O members and I'm sure staff. Men having to buy suits too.

I constantly saw Staff and Sea Org members looking horrible as they didn't have enough money to buy soap, deoranant, or laundry soap or even coins for the laudry room machines.

But every time DM and his clones would come in, they always wore suits and dresses and had nice jewelry or watch and the suitcases were expensive.

The rooms they would stay in at PAC were beautiful compared to rest. The exec had their own floor with a security door and had maid service and dry cleaning.

But mostly we see DM and of course his clonies jet setting everywhere which I'm sure the money used is from the sweat of staff and sea org members!
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I can't remember if it was here or at WWP, but there was some info about who got what. From what I remember the upper-level stooges were making pretty good money, living well and partying. Larry Brennan might be able to shed some light on this, or Jessie Prince, maybe. Hey Marty! How much did your cult pay you?


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...while the stated "income" (salary, bonuses, etc..) would be somewhat interesting, it is the UNDECLARED INCOME that would throw a hand grenade in Miscavige's tax returns, if ever subjected to a forensic audit by the IRS.

The value of undeclared goods and services that he enjoys the benefit of, (i.e. personal income, undeclared) would undoubtedly set off all the fire alarms in the Ideal Org.

For example....anyone wanna bet that his $3000 custom designer suits are expensed out as "ministerial uniforms"?

Guys like Dave, Hitler and Al Capone conquer thru intimidation driven by an infinite arrogance about their infallibility. They move ever-forward, attacking, attacking, attacking. They never stop for a moment to think how ridiculously over-extended and exposed their supply lines and backsides are. It's that wake formed by their wave of destruction that does them in.

It's how they get conquered.


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Dead Orgs

Since the SCN orgs are dead compared to what they were in the 1970s I've been thinking lately that SCN is NOW not much more than a property holding company.


If I am not mistaken DM was claiming about 50k a year (as per posts at wwp last year or so), which will make it very interesting if he is ever audited (yes, he doesn't do 'audit' lol), if he decides to run, then it'll also be interesting too. Not facts, just hear-say thus far.
It is a good question.


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I am sure that DM makes a 7 figure income. I am also sure that you would not able to prove it.

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I am sure that there are a few people who earn film star pay, with perks like rollex watches. The work force are paid in beans and rice. This is perhaps not illegal but it would rattle the workforce if they confronted the truth. Trouble is they don't read papers or watch the telly. The facts could be written on placards and be paraded outside SO establishments though.

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Who needs a salary when you control all the money. I bet he tell everyone how its tough to survive on his meager salary like Ron told us all that he donated millions of dollars to which he forgave the cos mean while his personal staff were running suite case of cash around the planet.


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The question is not all that meaningful.

What is the fair market value of the SO members who effectively act as his personal servants? Of his living quarters which are officially Co$ property? His food which is expensed to Co$?

His official "salary" is just his walking around money. His real expenses are hidden in Co$ expenditures. I would not be surprised if he has kickbacks from wealthy Scn celebs in exchange for DM personally making sure that the Celeb has no "problems".