How Scientology averted World War III. Now save the Ukraine!


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How Scientology averted World War III. Now save the Ukraine!

Mike Rinder: How We Averted WW III

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Dear I HELP Member,

This is a short message I want to give you about what is happening right now in the Ukraine. And of course the Crimea.

I start with a story: When the Russian army marched into Afghanistan in 1979 the West and the US went up to the 2nd last level of alert and got ready for World War III.

Near Munich there is a military NATO airfield and 800 airplanes where on the runway with running engines. The pilot was sitting in the plane and constantly new fuel was fed to the plane. Under more then 80% of the planes atomic bombs were mounted and everyone who saw that had a total panicky feeling that this is going to be the end of the world.

All of Munich Org demonstrated with several 1000 citizens of Munich outside this airfield. The Banners said: “Don’t go to war!” Don’t drop the bombs!” “Refuse any insane orders!” etc.

Our ED reported this to LRH and LRH the next day replied and said this is not the way to handle a situation like that.

Here is an excerpt of this telex:

“You are to immediately engage in a maximum effort to delivery every penny’s work of service you have ever been APd for and deliver it with excellent tech so there is not one dime of refund. Get any help from any tech people in your org or area and keep qual actions going to make sure.

Continue meanwhile standard promo and sales and delivery actions. DO NOT quibble with this order. ACT. Your Org’s future depends on it.

ACT NOW. Love = RON”

That week we did a highest ever of auditing hours in Munich Org and lo and behold all planes disappeared from the airfield. All Atomic bombs went back into the underground storage places where they belong. Also all other orgs in EUROPE did a highest ever and we all had a win.

Planet Earth started to breath again. Several 100 PC’s were very VGI’s from all the good service they got. Many wife’s and girlfriends stopped crying as they didn’t have to worry about their husbands or boyfriends, that could have gone into a useless but most likely very terrible war and die for nothing.

So what’s the morale of the story? Start to deliver like never before, get every auditor who can audit in session. Have highest ever delivery. Get every public on course. Get donations regged for the WAY TO HAPPINGESS booklets and distribute it to everyone who needs it which is everyone in the Ukraine and Russia.

If in doubt lets do what LRH says should be done. It worked then it will work again!!!!!!!!

Let’s make sure SP’s will not win. Let’s make sure the good guys under the banner of the S and DOUBLE TRIANGLE will win.

We are the only ones who have the tech to sort this out so use it to the hilt.

Over to you and lets have some roaring delivery!!!!!!!!

Much Love,



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Not only is Walter's "logic" and determination of causation flawed, the factual premise of his argument is a lie.

From Mikes blog:
remoteviewed saysMarch 13, 2014 at 3:16 pm

What the hell is Walter talking about?

When the Soviets invaded or according to them were invited by their Pro-Soviet allies in Afganistan the DefCon level never changed.

There were a few de’marches, the SALT Treaty discussions were suspended and detante’ was pretty much over but had been going over the edge for some time with Carter’s efforts in Angola and supplying SA with Nuclear Weapons Technology.

CIA and NSC after getting over the initial shock that the Soviets would be that stooooopid were celebrating their incursion into the “boneyard of empires” and already making plans to covertly supply the Mujahideen and our friend UBL.

Poor Walter seems to be as historically challenged like his buddy Dave and likely has two or more incidents (like the Cuban Missile crisis) confused. Because this Doomsday scenario never happened.

Also NATO would never have planes sitting on the tarmac burning up fuel and their engines waiting to scramble.

On a DefCon upgrade they’d be in the air being refueled by a Strata Tanker not sitting on a runway.

The protests Walter seems to be referring to were a constant fixture at most NATO Bases back then.

Nothing unusual there.

Like this “urgent” Telex from Ron which basically says just do the usual. You know like deliver services. To counter the (not so) “bright” ideas of “management” to do anything else like regging a bunch of donations for a bunch of false flag operations that would impoverish their field and make a few money grubbing regs rich.