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How scientology began in Russia (the way I rememer it)


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Got any more pics?
I've seen pics you posted on FB but do you have any more?
Where in Moskow do you live now? Is there any way you can take some pics of the staff now?Iknow, they disconnected with you and probably won't let you in but can you like..send a friend there with a camera or something? I'd like to see the pics of org bord up close

I'll see what I have...
No, I won't go there (or send someone there). Better, come here yourself :)

Moreover, SO is now out of Moscow. :whistling:


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Vadim, what the heck happen? Ihave heard the OTL in Moscow got shut down but Idon'thave any details

No, they didn't get shut down. They moved to Losino-Petrovsky town in Moscow region after they and Moscow "Church" were asked to leave the premises on Galushkina a few (5-7) years back.
or: http://maps.google.ru/maps?f=q&sour...55.87377,38.209076&spn=0.102083,0.220757&z=12

Moscow "Church" is now (unless they were moved again which I don't care to ask) in some shoddy industrial location in Moscow (visited there once a couple years ago). Some factory or something (I even thought is was some kind of meat processing and packing factory but didn't dare ask back then).


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I was looking at some pics from the Source mag,(from a few month ago) and there was lots of pics of Orgs in Russia.. I guess, most of them were old pics, huh?


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More memories to share.

Vadim Mihailean, was my student and a good friend for a few years. I know him very well. Good guy. Very ambitious. I am more laid back. :) Last year I had a few brief talks with him on www.odnoklassniki.ru At the time, he was in Moscow or Samara, doing well. I don't know anything about him in present time.