How Scientology changed the internet


Master of Disaster
In the old TV series "Kung Fu", there was a recurring theme characterizing the Shao-lin master, that "listened for he cannot be heard; looked for he cannot be seen; felt he cannot be touched".

Scn management did not realize that the Internet was Shao-lin.

"Listened for, he cannot be heard": email list-servs allowed groups of people to communicate discretely among themselves.

"Looked for, he cannot be seen": Who is enthetan? Who is Idle Morgue? Who are the myriad people posting info about Scn? It's hard to find that out, particularly when they post from places like colleges, or (these days) from public WiFi locations.

"Felt, he cannot be touched": old-time news organizations were big entities with lots of assets, who were vulnerable to being sued. How do you sue thousands of independent people, few of whom have much in the way of assets?

Royal Prince Xenu

Trust the Psi Corps.
When it comes to the Internet, I think Scientology has assigned itself a Lower Condition. Off to the RPF with the lot of you!